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Why Land Surveying Software from ESurvey is Preferred?

Why ESurveying Software Is Best And Economical

Why Are Our Products Easy To Operate?

Our Software products are designed considering the fact that even the computer operators and engineers with basic CAD software knowledge can generate required outputs without getting into lengthy training and studying big manuals, memorising operation sequences or navigating through multiple windows. Our products aim at improving work force efficiency by saving time and increasing productivity.

How This Is Achieved?

Through Better Product Design
  • Our products are designed to work with simple CAD entities and the generated output is also in simple CAD entities. For example, when data is imported, it gets imported as text rather than attribute.
  • Reports generated are in spreadsheet format so that they can further be modified, if required.
By Making The Learing Curve Smaller
  • Short and clear E Tutorials for smart learning.
  • Manuals designed with pictorial examples for better and faster understanding.
  • Videos educating on how to work with our products.
Through Affordable Better Support
ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with remote desktop sharing technology to instantly solve your queries. In addition to this, we also provide telephonic / email support if and when required.
Through Affordable Pricing

Some common Features

  • Works with any CAD software which supports lisp
  • Quick & accurate outputs
  • Includes lisp utilities to help faster data preparation