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Useful Articles Related to Land Survey Engineering

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1 Area Division Method - Divide Polygon into Equal Areas Company website July,2017
2 Flexible, Rigid & Semi Rigid Pavement Design Company website June,2017
3 Designing Water Network for Distributing Water Company website May,2017
4 Steps involved in Preparing Tippan Map using ladder data Company website April,2017
5 Designing Sewer Network for managing the effluent flow Company website March,2017
6 Preparing DPR in Land acquisition Projects Company website February,2017
7 Using Layout Concept of CAD to Prepare, Plan and Profile Company website January,2017
8 Tank Bund – New Construction / Improvements to Existing Tank Company website December,2016
9 Grid wise Earthwork Calculation Company website November,2016
10 Gradient or Slope Representation in Various Infrastructure Projects Company website January,2017
11 Solution to Traverse correction (Bowditch’s Rule) using Excel Macro Company website April,2015
12 Road Projects Saving Cost by Strenthening and Widening Existing Roads The Master Builder June,2015
13 UTM to Latitude Longitude Conversion SURVEY DRAWING May,2015
14 Convert CAD Drawing to Google Earth KML File SURVEY DRAWING May,2015
15 Earthwork Calculation (Quantity Takeoff)
Earthwork: Volume Calculation
Data Preparation in Earthwork Projects

Earthwork:Volume Calculation: Section Method: 3 Volume Calculation Methods
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Section Method
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Section Method: Area Calculation: Trapezoidal Rule
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Section Method: Area Calculation: Nett Area Calculation
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Section Method: Area Calculation: Simpsons 1/3rd Rule
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Section Method: Area Calculation: Summary
Volume Calculation for Areas Found Using Section Method
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Average Method
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Division of Square Method
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Contour Method
Earthwork: Volume Calculation: Summary
16 Road Design to Optimise Efficiency and Safety
B2B Febrauary,2015
17 DGPS Survey For Infrastructure Projects
NBM & CW December,2014
18 The Geometric Design of Roads
The Master Builder December,2014
19 Pioneering Software Solutions with Experience and Expertise
Silicon Preview November,2014
20 Urban Design and ESurvey CADD
The Master Builder October,2014
21 ESurveying Softech: Urban Design and ESurvey CADD
NBM & CW August,2014
22 ESurveying Developed ESurvey KML to Convert Maps Easily
B2B June,2014
23 Art of Selecting Right Software
NBM & CW March,2014
24 Free Solution for Preparing Survey Engineering Drawings Easily
NBM & CW November,2013
25 A Free Online Tutorial for Learning to Prepare Survey Engineering Drawing
The Master Builder September,2013
26 Free Solution for Preparing Survey Engineering Drawings Easily
B2B September,2013
27 Land Surveying Software
B2B July,2013
28 ESurvey Section - Rail, Canal, Road Design – Play with Sections
NBM & CW Febrauary,2013
29 Survey Computations Simplified
Built Expression January,2013
30 ESurvey Sections- Saves Time and Increase Productivity
The Master Builder January,2013
31 Present Your Drawing in Google Earth
Consrtuction And Architechture November,2012
32 Earthwork Calculation in Construction Site
Consrtuction And Architechture November,2012
33 Construction Site Earthwork Calculation
NBM & CW September,2012
34 Reading from the Ground Up
EPC & I July,2012
35 Handy Survey Draiwng Tools Construction And Architechture May,2012
36 User Friendly, Affordable, Survey Software
C & A March,2012
37 Simplified Surveying
EPC & I March,2012
38 Technology- Enabled Survey Solutions
Buildotech January,2012
39 Survey Data Processing Simplified
Geo-Spatial August,2011
40 Simple and Cost Effective Solutions for Survey Engineering Draiwngs
NBM & CW July,2011
41 ESurveying Solutions – Simplifying Survey Engineering Drawings
The Master Builder April,2011