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ESurvey Software - Updating Product License every Quarter

1. If you are a Hardware Lock license user

  • Go to start --> All Programs--> ESurvey-->open 'Lock Updater' application

  • Lock Updater

  • Select 'I Agree' option and click on 'Update Lock' button your license will be renewed.

  • Lock Updater
  • Click on 'View Contents' button to ensure updated till date. For Example, If you update it on 1st April it renews your registration till 30th June. Then click on 'Close' button.

  • Lock Updater

    Lock Updater

  • Once you update the lock, use the software as you regularly use it. 

Get Lock Updater from this link: LockUpdater.exe

2. If you are a Softkey License user

Similarly, updating product license for the soft key once in 3 months is mandatory. Procedure for both local license or server license remains the same. In case if you are using a network license, there is no need to renew the license on a client machine.

  • Go to start -->All Programs--> ESurvey-->open License Manager application.

Lock Updater

  • Enter your soft key number(given on purchase of the product),click on the 'Register' button and then close.

Lock Updater

  • Once you register the lock, use the software as you regularly use it.