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Total Station and Auto level Rental Services

Total stations are the most popular instruments for land survey in the recent times and needs no introduction. Most total station instruments measure angles by means of electro-optical scanning of extremely precise digital bar-codes etched on rotating glass cylinders or discs within the instrument. The best quality total stations are capable of measuring angles to 0.5 arc-second. Inexpensive "construction grade" total stations can generally measure angles to 5 or 10 arc-seconds. These instruments are widely used for road, Irrigation, Tunnel, layout and several other projects. Levelling works are almost parallel in the works of total station. They play a very important role in fixing up of the vertical control of the projects and fixing up the temporary bench marks.

Total Station and Auto level Rental Services

Transferring of the levels from GTS benchmarks etc.. The major functions of a total station are angle measurements, distance measurements and co-ordinate measurement. The uses of the Total station are wide and find their presence Road works, Irrigation, mining, mechanical and electrical engineering, Meteorology etc..

We offer rental services of these instruments along with an operator and a runner. We are specialized in conducting traversing, Topographical surveys, alignment stake out, building construction markings, and all types of levelling works.

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