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Steps involved in Preparing Tippan Map using ladder data

Land Record department stores information of each and every survey boundary in the form of the village map (or cadastral map) and tippani (also know as Phani)>

tippan A Sample of village/Cadastral Map

This Map shows the field work inputs from the surveyor. It can be seen that the ladder lines and perpendicular lines are drawn in a particular pattern, which enables to prepare the digitized drawings easily and accurately. This field marking on to the cadastral map is done mostly with the conventional methods using chains, tape alidade etc.. However, nowadays these are also captured with the latest equipment like total station, which will avoid the ladder and perpendicular measurements to be traced on the Cadastral map or revenue Tippan maps.


Basic data to be collected from various sources

  •     Taluk Maps
  •     Village or cadastral maps
  •     RTC Details also known as Phani
  •    Site verified and ladder marked Cadastral maps(It needs field work to prepare the field maps if ready made maps are not available)

Method of preparation of the Tippan drawings

  • Superimposition of required maps
  • Scanned cadastral maps are inserted as the background in cad packages
  • Draw the Ladders (along with the Perpendiculars) as per the field data
  • Close the outermost points as a polygon.
  • Specify their distances and bearings of the lines of the polygon
  • Present this information as a table in CAD Package along with areas and other client requirements.
  • Drafting the drawings based on the cadastral maps with ladders (This is done with many ladders also), but it may be noted that there is a relationship between the consecutive tie lines, this enables the drafting to be be done even without knowing the bearings of the tie lines)
  • Verifying the same at the field
tippan This Map shows the digitized field map as prepared in cad packages.

Finally the prepared Tippan is presented with the area of the land, showing adjacent properties, and other important topographical features.

tippan You can see that all the ladder lines are removed before the final presentation.

Tippan module of ESurvey Civil Tools helps you prepare Tippan maps in easy way.