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Software for Preparing Tippan Map Using Ladder Data - Ladder to Map

Area Calculation for Excavation, Under Cut, Over Profile


  Ladder to Map

Lisp Package for developing the ladder diagram and creating the Boundary with options to automatically dimension the entities, find the areas.

Tippan is a basic survey document prepared in the field while doing a survey. It is a document which contains field measurements parcel wise (For each survey boundary). Most of the maps available are hand-drawn and not to scale. This Module is a very simple and helps you to create the Tippan maps to scale in very simple steps. It’s a collection of lisp Routines which simplifies every step in creating a Tippan boundary by eliminating the efforts of converting measurement unit, drawing perpendiculars and changing dimensions.

Converting the Land records into digital format is now largely adopted all over, and these tools are very convenient to achieve the same.


  1. Create ladders by reading the data directly from the field book by eliminating the process of typing them into text format and then converting them as drawings or type each and every component in cad packages.
  2. Draw perpendiculars easily
  3. Adjust ladder lengths easily
  4. Create Boundary automatically referring to Ladder Diagram
  5. Create dimensions of ladder entities, boundaries along with area in a single command
  6. Get the dimensions in metric system as well as Acres and Gunthas which is also widely practiced


  1. Save considerable Time in drawing Tippan Diagrams


CollabLand is a Java based Software for Digitization and Mosaicing of Land Survey Maps developed by National Informatics Centre, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India. Click here to know more about CollabLand.