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Tank Bund Construction

Tank Bund – New Construction / Improvements to Existing Tank

Irrigation in India includes a network of major and minor canals of Indian rivers, groundwater well based systems, tanks, and other rainwater harvesting projects for agricultural activities. Of these activities, groundwater systems are the largest. In earlier days only about 35% of total agricultural land in India was reliably irrigated. Most of the cultivated land in India is dependent on the monsoons. Irrigation in India helps improve food security, reduce dependence on monsoons, improve agricultural productivity and create rural job opportunities. Minor Irrigation projects like Tank bunds, Minor Irrigation tanks help to retain the surplus water, recharge the ground, thereby increasing the water table in the area of influence.

India's irrigation is mostly groundwater well based. At 39 million hectares (67% of its total irrigation), India has the world's largest groundwater well equipped irrigation system. This is achieved by constructing check dams, ponds, irrigation tanks, etc.… Most of the tanks were constructed during the British rule in India. It also may be noted that many tanks are constructed in the Deccan plateau, as it is hard to dig the wells and by building tanks the percolation is less due to hard rock strata. The major disadvantage of tanks is, they dry up during the dry season and these require regular maintenance like de-silting and keeping the bund intact.

Recently a tank regeneration movement initiated by communities and non-governmental organizations (NGO) has arisen. Today, there are approximately 120,000 small-scale tanks, irrigating about 41,200 km² in semi-arid areas of India. This constitutes about one third of the total irrigated land in South India

Considering the need to improve storage in Tanks various projects are being taken up across the country. Tank Bund construction can be classified into two Categories.

Improvements to existing Tank Bund
Construction of minor irrigation tank

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