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ESurvey Software - How to Set Temporary Path

Immediately after you install the ESurveying product and when working with any of the modules, you may get a message "Path Not Set".

ESurvey products create some temporary working files when you use the same. If the software does not find the folder which is set as a temporary directory, then this message will appear.

1. Start ->All Programs ->ESurvey ->Set TempPath or in case if you are using the computer with Windows 8 operating system search "Set TempPath".

Set Temp
2. Browse to locate the folder which you wish to set as temporary folder. C:\ESurvey\Temp. If the folder does not exist please do create it manually.

Set Temp
3. Click on the 'Set' button and close.

Now you can use the software and all temporary data of application will be stored in the allotted temp path.