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Land Survey Engineering Article - Silicon Review August 2014


Any infrastructure project starts with planning. The survey is conducted to help the urban designers to plan infrastructure projects like Road Design, Canal, Layout Design, Water Supply, Sever Design Etc.
Popular CAD Packages like AutoCAD, Micro Station, BricsCAD are widely used in Urban design projects.  Since these tools are not specifically built on a specific stream of engineering doing the plan and design using Standard Package alone will be difficult and takes lot of time. Understanding this need, many companies have developed various software packages to address Infrastructure industry needs. ESurvey CADD is one such tool using which users can optimize their designs for space saving and less earthwork.
Using ESurvey CADD many engineers have Saved Cost in Multiple Projects. Following narrations illustrate how software package helps engineers to save cost.

Better Earthwork Estimation:
In Levelling Projects, if earthwork is planned in a way which does not involve bringing soil from another site or it does not demand dumping excess soil outside the work area, it will save cost. Using Earthwork module of ESurvey CADD, Optimum Formation level for a given boundary can be found out. In many work sites, Formation Levels will be different in the same site for various reasons. In such cases also Cutting Filling can be found out for each boundary and engineers can ensure that total cutting and filling comes same for entire work area, thereby avoiding the additional cost of transporting soil in and out from the work site.
Across the country thousands of Kilometer of road is getting improved under Pradhan Mantry Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY). Since these roads or not either state or national highways Curve design is not given primary importance as road speed does not demand matching with national highways.Primary importance is given to ensure that roads are at least 7.5 Meter wide. Using Section module of ESurvey CADD, engineers are able to estimating lowest possible cost for improving the road to meet PMGSY standard requirements.
In states like Kerala where the building is already constructed on either side of the road very close end of the roads, the only option that is left for the public works department is to utilize all the space including footpath to be converted as a road. In the Section module of E Survey CADD There is specific feature called Road Widening, which prepares different layer drawings for only the additional width of the road.
As demand for more building is increasing many sites are being converted into Layouts. There is no specific software for designing Layout just by considering the Layout Surface. While developing Layouts there will be many constraints. A lot of factors like road accessibility to each plot, bifurcation of land into roads, site, and civic amenity as per the local municipality or corporations rule have to be followed. Normally such layout drawings are prepared using basic 2D drafting tools. E Survey has developed set of lisp routines which are of great help to urban planning engineers, which saves them considerable time in working with such drawings by developing code snippets within the CAD System.
Cost of land is considerably increasing over a period of time. Acquisition of land for Public works is not easy as earlier and all these conditions demand fantastic engineering to ensure public comfort in infrastructure projects. Today’s technology tools like AutoCAD and Specific CAD Packages which addresses engineers need for optimum utilization of Land like E Survey CADD is helping engineers to adapt to the situation. Considering the contribution of ESurvey CADD in Infrastructure projects, ESurvey CADD was awarded “Best Civil Engineering Software for the Year 2012” by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India).

About Author
Kotaa Krishna Kamath is working as Managing Director of ESurveying Softech, which develops economical software solutions exclusively for Civil Survey Engineering requirements.