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Land Survey Engineering Article - Master Builder Sep 2013

A Free Online Tutorial for Learning to Prepare Survey Engineering Drawing

A Free Online Tutorial for Learning to Prepare Survey Engineering Drawing
Everyone keeping in pace with today’s world uses computer for their day-to-day work. Most of the people know at least couple of software — like word or excel — for doing their work. Many people, who don’t have engineering skill, can manage simple application. But for engineers, knowledge of CAD will be essential. It is also necessary to note that by learning
CAD, engineers cannot utilise the computer fully; they need to know Excel and some specific software which are related to their work. Here is a website (www.surveydrawing.net) which talks not only about CAD software but also about all the software’s that are required to create a survey engineering drawing.
For preparing survey drawing, knowledge of CAD, Excel, Google Earth and survey engineering specific software are required. Also knowledge about how to do earthwork calculation and generate contours is also necessary.

CAD: AutoCAD is the most popular computer-aided drafting tool among survey engineers. More than 95 per cent of engineers (using CAD software) in the world use AutoCAD for preparing survey engineering drawing. Most of the drawings are done with metric units as a practice in surveying. CAD software offers thousands of commands, but there is absolutely no need to learn all those commands to prepare the drawing. This website offers free tutorials both in text and video for only those commands which are commonly used for preparing survey engineering drawings. So users can save a lot of time and learn only required commands.

Excel: Most of the computer users will know Excel, but only the basics. By learning Excel little further, they can leverage the capabilities of excels to great extent. It is kind of a must for engineers to know more than Excel basics if they wish to accomplish their work easily. Also in many cases, engineers will derive the parameter for their drawings using Excel and further they prepare the drawing in Excel. Tutorials provided in this site try to address this specific need.

Google Earth: Google Earth has become very necessary for surveyors for planning their survey and verifying their work after they complete the survey. Google Earth as a software is used for many purposes; hence, it is world’s No 1 geo browser. It is necessary to convert Google Earth data to drawing and vice versa. For survey engineering drawings, there are tutorials specifically written to relate CAD and Google Earth on this site.

Surveying software: There are many software which are developed for preparing survey drawings. Normal CAD packages don’t offer features like preparing section drawings or contour drawing. Software like AutoCAD Civil 3D, Bentley and ESurveying are specifically designed for addressing requirements of survey engineering drawing. On this website, help related to all ESurveying products is provided with respective videos.

AutoLisp: AutoLisp is a macro language supported by AutoCAD. Small programs written in AutoLisp can save considerable time when working with CAD. In addition to all free tutorials, user will see free Lisp programs and couple of free software which are very useful for surveyors and updated on weekly basis. Those who have knowledge of AutoLisp can download and modify these lisps further to suit their specific requirements.
When author of this website, Krishna Kamath, was contacted and asked why this site was created, he narrated that slowly people are shifting from reading books to reading e-books. Advantage with e-book is that it can also include videos in addition to text. People can understand software’s quickly instead of reading lot many texts. Moreover, when such e-books are available on the Internet, people from all over the world will visit and take advantages. In addition, many people will ask further questions on related topics, and it becomes more interactive then publishing a book.
All the tutorial programs and software provided in this site are absolutely free. This site has around 5,000 unique visitors from month, and total number of downloads from this site has already crossed several thousands. Couple of articles published in this website is already printed in print media also. As of now, there are more than 1,000 registered members and number of registrations is considerably growing day by day. Average time spent by the user on this page is also considerably high with respect to average time spent on a blogs like this. All in all, this site is kind of must for those who wish to quickly learn ‘creating survey drawings’ easily.