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Release Notes - ESurvey CADD - Lisp Module

Release Notes Lisp
ESurvey Lisps is merged into ESurvey CADD - Refer to ESurvey CADD Release Notes


RELEASE DATE: 01-08-2013

All the bugs reported till 31-07-2013 fixed The version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 2.21, released on 16/05/2012. Many reported bugs were solved in this version.


RELEASE DATE: 16-05-2012

The version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 2.21, released on 16/05/2012 incorporates the following features
  • New Licensing System has been introduced which is Server Based for Soft Key Registration.
  • Export the drawing to DXF which can be opened in any CAD package. Set the option None(DXF) in Default CAD platform.
  • Now the Lat/Long Conversion is more accurate and fast.


RELEASE DATE: 30-06-2011

This version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 2.00, released on 30-06-2011 is incorporated with extra features and improvements which are listed below:
  • Globalization of the product is made. Added support for country based different regional setting
  • ESurvey lisps introduced with a Interface
  • Product can be installed in any directory
  • Introduced Quick Launch of commands. Look up table for all lisp commands.
  • Now Menu, Ribbon, Help and Quick launch of commands can be loaded just by loading a single lisp
  • Free tools is introduced in ESurvey Lisps
  • More Lisps is introduced in ESurvey Lisps
  • Macros is included in the menu
  • EScript, LatLong and Clean output is included in ESurvey Lisps
Now team viewer can be accessed directly via Product from a short cut under help or using Start-> Program->ESurvey->Team Viewer

  • Temp path directory can be set in desired directory
  • Lock updater will get installed in Common files in C:\Program files\Common files\ESurvey directory) it can be access via Start->Program files -> ESurvey -> Lock Update
  • Now Menu loading using a separate lisp (menuload.lsp) is dropped. Only by loading "LoadESurveyLisps" Lisp, menu and ribbon can be loaded
  • Now Temporary folder need not be c:\ESurvey\Temp. User can specify any directory as temporary directory by setting it using Set Temp Path (Start-> Program->Set Temp Path)
  • Now all free Utilities and most of the More lisps are available in ESurvey Lisps
  • ESurvey Lisps specific more lisps also gets loaded when "LoadESurveyLisps" Lisp is loaded. Please run "Quick Command Help" to know the functions available.
GLOBALIZATION: Now Product works with any setting of country in Regional Setting.
  • List Separator - ",",(";")
  • Decimal Separator - ".", (",")

Lisps Category COMMAND Description
Text Value Modification RND Round-off Elevations to 0.005 Precision
3DPolylines 2D3D Convert 2D Line to 3D Line
3DZ Mark Z value at each Vertex of 3D Polyline
IVP Interpolate at Vertex Points
3DFP Convert 3D Face to 3D Polyline
Blocks INB To Insert block at insertion point of all the selected texts
CBL Change Layer of all the Blocks of one Type to specified Layer
CBB Change Layer of all the blocks in the Drawing to the Layer of Block
IMA Import Attribute Information
EXA Export Attribute Information
Interpolate SCT Scatter Elevations around CS
DRN Dump Random Numbers
Area AMO Add Area of multiple Objects
AE Calculate Area of selected Object
RTR Read Triangle Area
INA Insert Area Text at Pick Point
LOA Pick Point to find Lot Area
Math and Stat FDF Find difference between Overlapping Texts
LGP Show a Point at mentioned Gradient at given scale
Elevate UEL Elevate Selected Objects
Utilities ETD Explore Temp Directory
DTC Delete Temporary Directory Content
CIT Put Circle around Text
BXT Put Box around Text
FLL Lat Long of a selected Point
TC Traverse Correction
PCT Paste Clean Text
PLD Indicate Polyline Direction
SEA Sea-level type Elevation Representation of Text and Block
Setting out MPL Mark Elevation along a 3D Polyline
LIP Mark Leader Lines at given Points
MSA Mark angle between Segments
PLL Put Leader indicating X and Y
EN Easting Northing Insertion at selected Point
IEN Insert EN Block at Text
VID Vertex Export
EEN Export EN Block Information to File
Print Ready BPS Bulk Plot Settings
BPFS Bulk Plot - Fit to Sheet
BPGS Bulk Plot - Given Scale
RTB Rotate Text and Block with given Rotation Angle
STC Scale Text with given factor


Release Date: 24-12-2010

The version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 1.23, released on 24-12-2010 is incorporated with extra features and improvements which are listed below:
  • Works with Bricscad
  • Works with GstarCAD
  • Some minor Bugs are solved


Release Date: 24-12-2010

The version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 1.23, released on 24-12-2010 is incorporated with extra features and improvements, which are listed below:
  • ESurvey Lisps is now made ZW CAD compatible
  • ESurvey Lisps is now made 64bit compatible so that it can be installed in Windows7

  • IBE and IBI command to be replaced with IBEI
  • Menu is revised in CAD and Ribbons have been incorporated providing compatibility with AutoCAD 2010 onwards

  • Math Command under Math & Stat Dropped
  • 2d to 3d Line Under 3d Line option(3DLT is dropped)


Release Date: 18/01/2010

The version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 1.2, released on 18/01/2010 incorporates the following features
All the options that were present in Version 1.0 have been organized in the form of a menu. So the need of loading the lisp everytime is eliminated. All options are now available as a separate menu option.

Option Description & Functionality
To Select Entities within a Polygon (Crossing) (SWP) Used to select all the elements within a polygon in a crossing selection
Select Text with Zero Numeric Value (ZTV) Used to select all the texts with no numeric values
Select Text with Same value in the drawing (SST) Used to select all the texts with same values in drawing
Trim Around Selected Text (TRIMT) Used to trim around the selected texts
Snap text to nearest point on the grid with the given Grid Spacing (SNAAP) Used to snap the selected points onto the nearest line of the grid
Measure Each Segment of a Polyline (MSE) Used to dimension each segment of a polyline
Measure cumulative distance along a polyline (MCD) Used to dimension each segment of the polyline with the cumulative distance
Mark Each Node (MEN) Used to mark each node and increment its value
Measure anticlockwise bearing (BAW) Used to measure the anticlockwise bearing.
Measure clockwise bearing (BCW) Used to measure the clockwise bearing
Elevate options Used to manipulate and manage the Z factor of selected texts
Interpolate Used to interpolate using the straight line method and arrive the point elevation.


Release Date: 11/11/2009

The version of ESurvey Lisps, Version 1.0, released on 11/11/2009 incorporates the following features

The following macros are present in ESurvey Lisps
Sl. No. COMMAND Description
1 AE To calculate area of an selected object
2 CC Copy Crossing
3 CW Copy Window
4 EC Erase Crossing
5 EW Erase - Window
6 MC Move Crossing
7 MW Move - Window
8 EL To erase the last drawn object
9 FI Fillet the edges of the selected two objects.
10 OS0 To off OSNAP mode
11 QY To quit a program or file
12 STR To stretch selected object with specified Displacement.
13 ZC Zooms To display a window defined by a center point.
14 ZD Zooms To display the generated portion of the drawing with a view box.
15 ZE Zooms To display the drawing extents.
16 ZP Zooms To display the previous view
17 ZR Zoom Real time
18 ZW Zooms To display an area specified by two opposite corners of a rectangular window
19 ZS Zooms the display at a specified scale factor
20 Z8 Zoom in
21 B To break a line at intersection.
22 BN To Display Block name.
23 BY To set the bylayer property of the entities.
24 CEN To change the linetype of the entity To center.
25 CO To change linetype of the object To continuous.
26 DAS To change the line type of the entity To dashed.
27 DOT To change the line type of entities To dashdot.
28 HID To change linetype of the object To hidden.
29 FR To freeze the layer on the basis of entity pick.
30 LC To change layer of selected entities To current layer.
31 LLI To list the properties of entity in AutoLISP.
32 LS To Set the layer of picked entity.
33 OF To switch off the layer on the basis of entity pick
34 ON To switch on the layers
35 ONN To switch on all the layers.
36 OFF To switch off all the layers except the current layer
37 UN0 To set the unit precision To 0
38 UN1 To set the unit precision To 1
39 UN2 To set the unit precision To 2
40 UN3 To set the unit precision To 3
41 UN4 To set the unit precision To 4


Sl. No. COMMAND Description
1 ITX To interchange the text's.
2 MAT To do mathematical operations(Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide)
3 RT To rotate the text parallel To picked points
4 ADT To create new text using text content of the selected texts
5 ALT To align texts with reference To selected text at specified Distance
6 ALP To align selected texts Parallel To Selected line w.r.t. reference text
7 APT For Concatenating string To selected text.
8 BLR To Change Blocks in the Drawing with New Block with Given Scale factor
9 CCA To change the cases of selected texts( Initial_Capital/Capital/Small )
10 CJ To Change the Justification of Selected text To Specified Text Justification
11 CPT To copy text of Reference Text To all other selected text
12 DVT To Divide the text into Sub Texts
13 DSL To Delete the Entities of Selected Entities Layer
14 SNP To Snap the Text To Nearest Point on the Grid with given Grid Spacing
15 DG To Draw Grid with given Grid Interval.
16 PJ To Join Adjoining line / Arc / Pline
17 RPL To Reverse the polylines
18 MAXTXT To find the Maximum among the selected Text
19 MINTXT To find the Minimum among the selected Text
20 STAT To give Basic Statistical details about selected text
21 EXT To export Selected objects To CSV file.
22 IMT Import text from CSV file to the drawing.
23 CEE To Make Texts Z Value Same as Value Mentioned in Text
24 CEZ To Make Texts Z Value Zero
25 JP To Joint Points / Blocks depending on First Selected Object and nearest Selected Objects.
26 OVLN To Find the overlapping Line.
27 INR To Increment the available Texts.
28 LOT To insert the Lot Number
29 MTP To Measure distance between two points and insert Distance Text
30 CLR To Show Entities of Specified Color.
31 NL To Show Layer by Layer
32 STC To Scale the all the texts w.r.t. its Centre
33 ATT To add specific value To all the selected texts
34 IBE To Insert Block at End point of Each Line
35 IBI To Insert Block at intersection of selected Line / Pline Entities
36 ISB To insert Block in Between two Selected Points in the Angle of Selection. Block should get scaled as per the point selection.
37 GRDL To put the Gradient of the Line
38 MCR To Repeat the Measure Command
39 OLL To Mark Intersecting Lines of Different Layer
40 SWP To Select Object with in Polygon Boundary
41 RTX To Rotate the text in a way that it becomes easily readable.
42 SBL To Scale the Block from its insertion Point with Given factor
43 SUY 1) To extract the Text with in a Polygon Boundary and Keep it separately in the drawing, 2) Export To file
44 TTL To Find the Total of Selected Text
45 MCH To Mark Chainages
46 CRL To pick the text for layer name.
47 MVT To move text for selected layer name.
48 JTS To select the entities of a layer to show its entities, one by one later.(works in connection with JTT)
49 JTT To show entities of a selected text layer. One by one
50 TMT To trim the spaces before and after the text.
METRIC CONVERSION UTILITY This utility consists of the conversion program wherein, the measurement units of Length, Area & Volume can be converted from one units to another.