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Lidar Rental Services

LiDAR stands for Light detection and ranging. This is an advanced technique which is becoming popular at a very fast pace. The reason is, it is fast, accurate, light and required very less manpower. This finds wide applications including re-creating of existing 3D models, surveying and mapping. These instruments are much appreciated where the human accessibility to the site is difficult and sometimes risky to the field staff. This instrument captures the 3D data which are then processed to create models.

LiDAR has wide applications; these different types of applications require scanners with varying specifications based on the data's purpose, the size of the area to be captured, the range of measurement desired, the cost of equipment, and more.

There are two types of LiDAR capturing techniques, Airborne LiDAR and Terrestrial LiDAR.

Airborne LiDAR (also referred as airborne laser scanning) is a laser scanner, while attached to a plane during flight, creates a 3D point cloud model of the landscape. This is currently the most detailed and accurate method of creating digital elevation models, replacing photogrammetry.

Terrestrial applications of LiDAR (also referred as terrestrial laser scanning) happen on the Earth's surface and can be both stationary and mobile. Stationary terrestrial scanning is most common as a survey method, for example, in conventional topography, monitoring, field progressive activities the 3D point clouds acquired from these types of scanners can be matched with digital images taken of the scanned area from the scanner's location to create realistic looking 3D models in a relatively short time when compared to other technologies.

We offer rental services of these instruments along with processing and presentation in the required format as required by you.

Lidar Rental Services
Lidar Rental Services

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