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ESurvey KML: One Step Data Exchange between Google Earth and CAD

ESurvey KML-Convert Drawings to Google Earth Files

  One step data exchange between Google Earth and CAD

ESurvey KML-Convert Drawings to Google Earth Files

Google Earth is a geo-browser which represents the earth as a three-dimensional globe. It is great tool to explore earth imagery. On the other side CAD package which works with UTM is more convenient to represent 2-D drawings. Converting data available in google earth in the form of KML file to 2 dimensional drawing data and vice versa is possible with ESurvey KML.

ESurvey KML (Export) - Export your CAD data to google earth readable format (KML File)
ESurvey KML (Import) - Import Places information from Google Earth KML File to your CAD package
3D KML- Create 3D maps from 2D drawing by inserting respective 3D blocks and defining extrusion elevation for each Layer

Works with ESurvey Sections, ESurvey CAD as a plugin to generate 3D drawings and 3D KML from those softwares.
Example KMZ output from ESurvey KML

ESurvey KML-Convert Drawings to Google Earth Files
  • Export CAD drawing to KML file (Point (Place Marker), Text, Line, Pline (Path), Polygon)
  • Import KML file data as CAD drawing (Point (Place Maker), Text, Line, Pline (Path), Polygon)
  • Convert UTM Coordinate to Lat Long
  • Convert Lat Long Coordinate to UTM
  • Find Lat Long of a point with in your CAD editor
  • Present your drawing data on google earth and impress your customer
  • Cross check survey data with google earth data to ensure accuracy
  • Import available data from KML file and avoid retracing
  • Create 3D maps from 2D drawings without additional investment of time and 3D based softwares

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