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Feature List - ESurvey CADD - KML Module

Convert given boundary to Lat-Long

  1. One click conversion of boundary to required UTM co-ordinates
  2. Conversion made possible by a lat long block marked on the boundary
  3. Drawing is exported to KML file with reference of lat long block

Find lat long of a given point in cad

  1. Find lat long by selecting a point in cad
  2. Generates lat long with reference of datum, hemisphere and zone

Convert UTM co-ordinates to latitude longitude

  1. Convert UTM coordinates to lat long in a single window
  2. Standard reference of datum available
  3. Place to specify the zone and hemisphere
  4. Input UTM coordinates to get instant conversion to lat long
  5. Precision up to 8 decimals

Latitude longitude conversion in bulk

  1. Ready template available to input UTM coordinates with zone and hemisphere
  2. Standard reference of datum available
  3. Import excel file to convert all UTM coordinates to lat long in a single click

Google earth KML file to cad drawing

  1. Quickly import a KML file from Google earth to cad
  2. Useful to calculate area and perimeter of boundary
  3. Imported KML file has actual UTM coordinates in cad
  4. Generate lat long in a csv file

Drawing to 3d in Google earth

  1. Represent 2d drawing from cad as 3d in Google earth
  2. Export of boundaries from cad to KML file
  3. Altitude option to represent 2d drawings as 3d in Google earth
  4. Create a colorful 3d presentation

Create KML file from AutoCAD drawing

  1. Quickly generate a KML file from Autocad drawing
  2. Display the drawing even though the drawing file is not matched with the actual UTM
  3. A single lat/long reference is sufficient to generate KML file
  4. KML created from AutoCAD can be viewed in Google earth