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Tank Bund Software: Improvements (Rehabilitation, Widening)

Area Calculation for Excavation, Under Cut, Over Profile


  Rejuvenate Tank bund with Benching

Tank Bund or Earth Bund is an impervious embankment of earth, or a wall of brick, stone, concrete or other suitable material, which may form part or the entire perimeter of a compound that provides a barrier to retain liquid.

Create the Tank Bund Cross sections for various requirements like Rehabilitation of existing bund, Widening of existing Tank bund (one side or both sides), with the provision of revetment and benching.

More details:

This module can be extensively used for Improvements to existing Tank Bund or also for Minor Irrigation Tanks. The greater challenges of Benching to the required width (For the purpose of achieving the required Compaction by watering and rolling) can be achieved very easily. It also caters for other various important components of a tank bund, to name a few Revetment, Cutoff trench, Side drain etc.. For a Minor Irrigation Tank, the option for various settings arising due to the height difference between the bed level and the Top level can be easily managed by creating the template as per required standards, and the same can applied based on the different heights and lengths along the bund. This module is most suitable for the professionals working in Irrigation projects.

The Concept the module is detailed below:

  1. Import the Cross sectional Levels from Excel Data or from a Cad drawing
  2. In the Design Parameters setting, all the required settings can be entered like Improvement side/Sides, Revetment provision, TBL (Tank bund level).MWL (Maximum Water level), free board, Benching width etc..
  3. The cross sections at the selected chainages can be viewed.
  4. The area and the volume reports can be generated.
  5. Longitudinal profile with Existing TBL and proposed TBL can be generated
  6. Export all the drawings into Cad Packages.


1. Create cross sections of a tank bund for improvements and new minor irrigation tank

2. Automatic generation of benches considering the existing slope of the bund.

3. Generate cross sections depicting the revetment (stone pitching).

4. Create multiple templates in case of a new minor irrigation tank, just by changing the standard variables in the settings.

5. Apply the templates based on Height of bund

6. Generate volume report for various layers.

7. Change the scale as required

8. Create hearting, Toe wall for revetment, toe drain, Cutoff trench, sand blanket… automatically.


  1. Saves lots of time and improves accuracy.
  2. Generates customized excel report as a ready reference for submissions and analysis.
  3. Create Benches with ease along with the top layer adjusted automatically based on the requirement.
  4. Generate drawings in Cad format for ease of access and sharing.


a) Introduction to Bund Module of Civil Tools

Bund Module of ESurvey Civil Tools gives solution for preparing Cross Section Drawing and Quantity Calculation for Irrigation project like existing bund improvement and new Minor Irrigation Tanks

b) Preparing and importing Data to Civil Tools Interface

Open ESurvey Civil Tools. Select New File Sub Menu Under File Menu .


Select Bund option and give a file name, click on the Save button.


Select Bund sub menu under Main menu


Choose either of the Project Type from Basic Settings that is

  1. Existing Bund Improvement
  2. New Minor Irrigation Tank

And Save it.


Once you are done with setting preferred Bund Project type. You need to import Data to Software.

Click on Import button in Bund Window.Import section window will appear. Click on Template button, an empty excel sheet will get open. Copy and paste Section data or manually type Section data in this Excel Sheet and save the Excel File.


Sample Excel data


Click on the Import button in the import section window and select saved Excel File.


Once Cross section data is imported, then go to design settings.

Design Settings

Bund Improvement

Click on Design Parameters button Setting. Settings window will appear, you need to give design inputs such as TBL (Tank Bund Level), MWL (Maximum Water Level), FTL (Full Tank Level), Top Width Etc in this window then click on the Update button.


With this all the Bund Cross Sections will be ready as per the Settings.


New Minor Irrigation Tank

In a similar way you can prepare Cross Sections for New Minor Irrigation Tank Bund.

Once you create a new file – Select ‘New Minor Irrigation Tank’ option in Project Type.


Import the data section as explained above.

Click on Design Parameters button, Settings window will appear. Enter basic input like TBL, MWL, FRL Etc and click on Save. You can define various Typical Cross section Template by clicking on Template Button. Once you define all the required Typical Cross section. You can assign those templates to various stretches.


After defining Design Parameters. You can see the updated Cross section


Exporting Reports and Drawing

Click on the Export button in the Bund Improvement Sections tab to export area and volume report

Select layer name and click on Export button


You can see the volume of the DS Cutting layer


You may export Cross sections individually or you can Export all the Cross Sections to Single Drawing File.

To Export all Sections to Single Drawing file

Click on Print Preview button, then go to ‘Print Preview ‘select From and To section. Select multiple section option inDrawing Type group then click on CS Preview


Then click on Yes button


In Preview window do select a print template and set the margin and drawing, print area size then click on Apply button


See sections after applying the settings. Then, click on Drawing button to export drawing to CAD.


All Section drawings will be Exported to CAD.


If you want to print section directly within ESurvey Civil Tools Interface then

Click on Print Preview button in Bund Window

Select Individual option and Drawing Type ‘ Individual Drawing’, then set required Horizontal and Vertical Scale Click on CS Preview


In CS Preview window

Select section from Drawing grid list. You can assign a Template File, if required. Click on Preview Button and then Click on Print Button.


Creating Longitudinal Section

On Bund Screen, Click on ‘L Section’ Button to Create the Longitudinal Section