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Contour Software Help - Interpolate Value on Contour Surface

Interpolating in contour module can be done by 2 methods.
  1. Interpolating value at a given point
  2. Interpolating value along an alignment
1.Interpolating value at a given point:

Using 'ITGP' command you can create an interpolated value at any given point in a CAD drawing where elevations are in 'Elev' layer.

Interpolating Levels In Cad Drawing
When you select this option, the application will interpolate a value and create a text representing the interpolated elevation of the point.

Interpolating Levels In Cad Drawing
2.Interpolating Value Along An Alignment:

Draw section in 'ESurveyCADD'->'Draw Section' menu item will prompt to give interval and select the alignment line which will generate the interpolated values. In contour software, you can generate the profile of any alignment by considering the elevation values which represents a contoured surface. While generating the profile software will interpolate the values along the alignment with the specified interval.

Interpolating Levels In Cad Drawing