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ESurvey Software - Installing Latest Version of the Software

If the software is already installed on your machine and if you want to install the latest version of the software please follow these steps.

1. Before you install your application previously installed application to be uninstalled. Note that when you uninstall the software your data files don’t get deleted. However, as a safety measure, it is always advised to take a back-up of your data files which will be typically in the data directory of respective software.

For example, if you have installed ESurvey CADD data files will be in C:\ESurvey\ESurveyCADD\Data directory. Please do make a backup before uninstalling.

Esurveycadd New version
2. In Control Panel – select add and remove program and uninstall previously installed application.

Survey Software Reinstallation
3. We advise you to delete respective application directory say C:\ESurvey\ESurveyCADD to avoid any conflict of files related to the old version.

ESurvey Software New version
4. Now you are ready to install new application.

5. Install the latest version of the application and add menus to your CAD package as explained in the respective topic and restore data back to data directory from a backup directory and enjoy using the latest version.

Note: Once you open the data file in latest version, it will not be possible to open the same file again using a previous version of the software.

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