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Infrastructure Engineering & Design Software - Training

With incomplete or lack of complete knowledge on any product, the operation and use of the products are extremely difficult and troublesome. So, to make usage of products easy and hassle-free, ESureying Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd provides one time dedicated online training to all its customers.

In this training, the client users will be educated on the usage of the product in detail. The duration of the training is limited.
We know that most of our customers are regular users of the Internet, to help them give instant support we have developed online help, videos,online course.These contents  will help understand the product in a better way. In addition to training during purchase, we also conduct Training in Major Cities depending on Customer requests.

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  1. How to use the software
  2. How to use Help in a better way
  3. How to use the Videos and other Resources
  4. How to get quick Support
  1. FREE one time online training will be provided
  2. For On-site training is required outside Bengaluru then, TA and DA + Rs. 2500 per day will be charged. Per day up to 6 hours training will be provided.
  1. We strongly recommend you to utilize our online documents and videos.
  2. The help file is made assuming that users are familiar with basic knowledge of CAD and Excel.
  3. Browse the CDROM to watch the product training videos, which show you how you can use the application.

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