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ESurvey CADD

Sl. No. Product Image Module Name Description
1 ESurvey Section


Play with Sections
  • Create Cross Sections and LS from Auto Level, Total Station or GPS data and do Earthwork Quantity Calculation Quickly
  • Includes Geometric Design of Road - Horizontal alignment and Vertical Profile Design, Super Elevation
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2 ESurvey Contours


Digital terrain modeling made affordable
  • Generate Smooth Contours along with Contour Annotation, Grid, Grid Elevation and 3D Surface in just 2 simple Steps using data from CSV, Excel or CAD
  • Generate Contour based Area and Volume Report instantly
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3 ESurvey Earthwork

Earthwork Calculation

Quantity calculation made simple
  • Generate Earthwork volume calculations instantly from Elevation data by comparing two surfaces.
  • Generate Volume Report in Excel with Section method or with the Block method along with respective drawings
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4 ESurvey Topodraw


Excel to Cad made intuitive
  • Generate CAD Drawing instantly from Point data collected by Survey Instruments with insertion of respective blocks to represent features
  • Line Joining - Connect remarks automatically while generating drawing
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5 ESurvey Interpolation


Excellent interpolation algorithm
  • Interpolate Survey data easily at different chainages and offsets along alignment by triangulation
  • Interpolate Survey data by creating 3D Polylines for accurate interpolation in a project like Canal Survey
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6 ESurvey Lisp


Energizing Survey Drawings
  • Ultimate Collection of Lisp Routines tailor made to Survey Engineering Drawings. Energize your Engineering drawings by better presentation
  • Save considerable drawing editing time using useful additional commands
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7 ESurvey KML


One step data exchange between Google Earth and CAD
  • Convert Google earth KML or KMZ file to a CAD draining instantly
  • Convert CAD drawing in UTM Coordinate to Google Earth KML File to open in Google Earth
  • Mark Latitude Longitude of selected Points in a Drawing
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