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ESurvey Software - Registration Using Hardware Lock (Dongle)

ESurvey products can be registered with hardware lock or soft key.

1. If you have procured Hardware Lock, please insert the same in your computer’s USB port. ESurvey Hardware Lock 2. It may indicate that it is installing necessary drivers when you plug into your system. Please wait till message indicates that the drivers installed successfully.

ESurvey Hardware Lock
3. When you install any ESurveying product License Manger will get installed. Open License Manager by selecting Start -> All Programs -> ESurvey -> License Manager or if you are using Windows 8 then search and open License Manager program.

ESurvey Hardware Lock
4. Select license type as ‘Hardware Lock’ and click on the 'Set' button.

ESurvey Hardware Lock
5. Now your hardware lock is registered. Click on the 'Close' button.

Open software and start using the software. Please note that you need to update the lock every quarter.

Please refer update lock topic for updating the lock- http://www.esurveying.net/updating-product-license/