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Land Survey Engineering Article - Geo Special Today 2011

Survey Data Processing Simplified

Land Survey Engineering Article - Geo Special Today 2011
Processing of survey data has become a lot easier now, thanks to the new line of software offered by ESurveying Solutions.
Section Generation, interpolation, contouring, earthwork calculation, converting survey data from total stations into CAD drawings and a host of other surveying operations have just got simpler with the new line of surveying software developed by ESurveying Solutions (ESS). The software includes E Sections, ESurvey Lisps and ESurvey CAD, and are highly recommended for bulk plotting, traverse correction, latitude longitude to coordinate conversion and vice versa, COGO and field book conversion. They are primarily targeted at survey engineers, consulting firms, infrastructure companies, engineering colleges, CAD services/CAD training institutes and government organizations. Here are a few details about the new line of software:

E Sections:
A complete section creation and management solution designed to create industry standard drawings and generate instant calculation reports related to road, railway lines, irrigation, pipeline design and sewer network project.

E SurveyCAD:
A comprehensive and compact software solution for surveyors and engineers for creating contours, calculating earthwork quantities and converting point data into CAD to generate topographical map.

E Survey Lisps:
A collection of several extremely interesting small user-friendly programs written for meeting survey drawing requirements. By using E Survey Lisps editing time of survey drawings can be brought down by up to 50 percent.

Section & Interpolation:
Using ESS products section modules, section related to road, railway line and irrigation canal can be created either from excel data or from CAD drawings. Available section data can be interpolated along any alignment. Data can even be imported from field book. Section module allows the user to modify the sections graphically. Section presentation can be highly customized with features like changing scales along horizontal and vertical directions. Earthwork calculation can be done between any two layer data and the software generates complete area and volume reports. Interpolation can be done either using triangulation or 3D lines. Output can be generated quickly as designing both horizontal alignment and vertical alignment is simplified.

Using E Contours, contours can be generated at specified intervals at specified levels. The software also generates grid levels along with the contour generation and can be done from within CAD software. The software includes attractive modules like area and volume report depending on contour are.

Using E Earthwork, earthwork calculation can be done very quickly. It allows finding the volume of cutting/filling for a given set of data at a given elevation or it can find the earthwork quantities for any two surfaces. It generates all the required section drawings instantly along with calculation, and area and volume reports can be generated in Excel.

Using E TopoDraw, topomaps can be created using Easting, Northing and elevation data available in Excel or CSV file. Normally all the data generated by total station instruments is in CSV format, i.e. serial number, easting, northing, elevation and code. Using TopoDraw module, the data can be easily converted into drawing with blocks as it will automatically insert required block diagrams in their respective places while generating the drawing.