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Software - Extract Elevation from Geo Browser Google Earth

ESurvey Earth – Extract Elevation from google earth in Just 3 Steps:  ESurvey Earth is a free SAAS (Free Online Application) that uses Maps API to bring to you an exclusive service to extract elevations from Google Earth. This application extracts elevations of a given set of Latitude and Longitude points into KML File Using Google Maps API in a simple three step process, which can be easily used in Google Earth or can even be converted to CAD drawing.

How It Works?:
Extracting elevations from Google Earth has never been so simple before. It just takes five simple steps to get the elevations of any location from Google Earth through ESurvey Earth.
  1. Register your details on ESurvey Earth by providing the required details.
  2. Login with the user id and password sent to your emails id used for registration.
  3. Using the Choose File option select the CSV file containing the Latitude and Longitude of the drawing. Upload the file by clicking on the “Upload” button.
Sample File Content













Download Sample CSV File:(Latitude, Longitude)

  1. In the screen that appears click on the generate button and then click on the “next” button in step 3.
  2. In the screen that appears you will have the option to download the KML file. By clicking on the download KML file you will be able to save the KML file and view the extracted elevations in Google Earth.
Note: For bigger area, entering Latitude and Longitude values one by one may become very time consuming. By using ESurvey KML (Commercial application by ESSIPL) you can directly derive the CSV having latitude Longitude points data. This CSV file containing the latitudes and longitudes of the drawing can then be used to extract the elevations using ESurvey Earth.

Download ESurvey KML Now

ESurvey KML - Data Exchange between CAD and Google Earth

Convert your drawing to Google Earth File and Vice Versa

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