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Software - Convert AutoCAD Dwg / DXF to ESRI Shape File

This free software will convert an AutoCAD file (in DXF or DWG) to a shape file. It is absolutely free.

Download ESurvey Shape

Installing ESurvey Shape
Install ESurvey Shape like any other windows application. ESurvey Shape gets installed in a directory C:\ESurvey\ESurvey Shape Directory.

Convert CAD Drawing To Shape File
You have to use ESuvey Shape with in CAD (AutoCAD / BricsCAD / GStarCAD /ZWCAD). After installation open you CAD Package. Load Lisp (Application Load) using Tools menu or using Appload Command and Load

Convert CAD Drawing To Shape File
C:\ESurvey\ESurveyShape\LoadESurveyShape.Fas lisp. Now menu gets loaded in your CAD application.

ESurvey Shape Commands
There are only 3 Commands in this compact application.

First open your drawing (Dwg or Dxf) in your CAD Application (AutoCAD / ZWCAD / GStarCAD / BricsCAD).
[Note: For instant trial One Sample is also be available in C:\ESurvey\ESurveyKML\Sample.]
SHPE: Create Shape File

You can export Text, Polygon, Polylines by selecting Entities using SHPE command. Please note that you have specify Zone Name (Which Hemisphere and Which Latitude longitude Zone) while creating shape files as Popular Shape browsers like Arc GIS expect the entities co-ordinate to be in UTM co-ordinates. When you run the command and select entities, Shape files get created in C:\ESurvey\Temp\ShapeOut Directory.

Convert CAD Drawing To Shape File
You will be able to use these shape files in your applications. If you just want to browse the shape files, then you can use any Shape File browsers.

Convert CAD Drawing To Shape File
This procedure will create simple shape file with basic entities. In case if you wish to attach more database fields to you entities, then you have to create attribute block with required data fields in your drawing and Before using SHPE command you need to attach attributes to respective entities using Attach Attributes (ATCH) command.

Convert CAD Drawing To Shape File
In Case if you wish to See what attribute is attached to a selected entity, you can use related command Check Attribute Attachment (ChKA)

Convert CAD Drawing To Shape File
Once the Shape file gets created you can may view the Shape file using any applications that support shape files. There are couple of Shape file users which can be freely downloaded

  1. Easy GIS .NET Desktop http://www.easygisdotnet.com/Products.aspx 
Thank you very much for installing and Using Esurvey Shape. In case if your require any solution to Survey Engineering requirements like Section Creation, Interpolation, Contour Generation, Earthwork Calculation, Converting Total Station Data or Specific lisps for your survey drawing you may please send email to  info@esurveying.net. For complete information about ESurveying Please Visit www.esurveying.net.

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