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Free Coordinate Geometry Software - Land Survey Engineering

Welcome to versatile Coordinate Geometry Software 'ESurvey Cogo'. Coordinate geometry is the base for any CAD Package. All the CAD Packages offer excellent features. Hardly any CAD Package let users know how the calculations were done. Considering this particular requirement in mind this product has been developed which will not only solve the problem but also gives detailed solution to basic coordinate geometry problems. ESurvey Cogo is very helpful to Students, Professors, Engineers (Survey Engineers in particular) who use Coordinate Geometry
  • Solves COGO Problems quickly
  • Generates detailed report about the calculation
  • Instantly displays the result in a CAD Screen
  • Helps understanding the COGO in simple steps
  • Since calculations can be printed in detail, you know how the solutions are derived
ESURVEY COGO MODULES: In ESurvey Cogo, you can see the calculations for these: Line, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circle, Arc, Regular Polygon, Irregular Polygon:

Line: In this module, you can find the intersection points between 2 given lines. Application will find the intersection point and will indicate, are the lines are really intersecting. If intersection point is outside the lines, then also it will find the intersection and in case lines are not interesting then it will indicate that the lines are parallel.

Triangle: In this module, you can find the Centroid, In Circle, and CircumCentre of the triangle. Triangle type like Right Angle, Acute angle is also displayed.

Quadrilateral: In this module, you can draw Quadrilateral by providing 4 Points. Depending on the point input, program will show the shape, Rectangle, Square Etc.

Circle: In this module, you can draw Circles with 2 Options (3 Point, Centre and Radius).Application will also show Properties like Perimeter and Area.

Arc: In this module, you can draw Arc with 2 Options (Centre - Radius, Point and endash; Centre - Angle).

Regular Polygon: In this module, you can draw regular polygons with any number of faces. Program will show the type of polygon from Polygons having 3 to 20 Sides.

Irregular Polygon: In this module, you can irregular polygons with any number of sides. Program will show information like Area, Number of sides etc.

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