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Wish to Save Survey Drawing Editing time? You have visited the right website. Find easy to use lisps to simplify your drawing process by downloading Lisps provided here. We are providing you with some easy to use lisps to automate and simplify your CAD drawing requirements, making it quicker and better, all for free. Most importantly these lisps are developed depending on requirements given by engineers like you.

Sl. No. Lisp Description Release Date Lisp Name Command Prompt Remark
1 Plotting Spot Level with Range colour 15-October-16 Range_Spot_Levels.xlsm Excel Macro Plotting of Spot levels in different Colour in your cad package with help of this macro
2 Traverse Correction – Open Traverse 15-April-16 TC_Bearing_Distance.xlsm Excel Macro Bowditch Method – Open Traverse Correction for data with Bearing and Distance
3 Traverse Correction – Open Traverse 15-May-16 TC_Bowditch_Closed_Traverse.xlsm Excel Macro Bowditch Method – Open Traverse Correction for data with Known Coordinates
4 Traverse Correction – Closed Traverse 15-June-16 TC_Known_Coordinates.xlsm Excel Macro Bowditch Method – Closed Traverse Correction
5 Convert MText to Text in CAD 15-Apr-15 75_MText_Text.Des
mtext_text Convert MText to Normal Text Entity in AutoCAD
6 Quality Check Polygons in Drawing before Converting to GIS 15-Mar-15 74_FindClosePoly.Des
findclosepoly Quality Check Your Drawing before Exporting to the GIS System
7 Convert DXF Created by Topcon Instrument to CSV File 15-Feb-15 73_DXFToCSV.Des
dxftocsv Export Easting, Northing, Elevation and Remark from DXF
8 Move Text Objects on Selected Polyline 15-Jan-15 72_Magnet.Des
magnet Export Block Distance from the Alignment Line as a CSV
9 Create Co-Ordinate Table of 3D and 2D Polyline 15-Dec-14 71_CoTbl.Des
cotbl Create, Coordinate Table of 3d and 2d Polyline
10 Measure Utility Distance 15-Nov-14 70_Exp_Dist.Des
exblk Export Utility Distances from Selected Alignment
11 Export Polyline Vertex 23-Oct-14 69_VertexExport.Des
VID2 Export Polyline Vertex Data along with Auto Point Numbering
12 Display Area 09-Oct-14 68_DArea.Des
DAREA Display Polygon Area in Different Measurement Units
13 Export Point Data 15-Sep-14 67_Exp_Topo.Des
EPOD Lisp to export point data along a specified polyline path
14 Draw Gradient 15-Aug-14 66_Draw_Grad.Des
MSLL Program to draw formation level line in a longitudinal section drawing at specified gradient
15 Mark Intersections 15-Jul-14 65_Mark_Int.Des
Mark_Int Find layers of lines intersecting with selected polyline
16 Find Open Polygon 15-Jun-14 64_OpenPolyline.Des
OpP Mark open polygons among selected polylines
17 Insert Block 15-May-14 63_InsBlocks.Des
IBEI Insert blocks at intersection or end or a combination of intersection and end point among selected polyline.
18 Mark Chainages 15-Apr-14 62_Mark_Chain.Des
MCH Mark chainages along selected alignment at give cross section interval
19 CAD Batch Runner 15-Mar-14 CAD_Batch_Runner.exe Run script and lisp on multiple drawings
20 UTM Converter 22-Jan-14 UTM_Converter.exe Convert latitude / longitude (Lat/long) to UTM and vice versa
21 Measure Distance 09-Jan-14 58_Dist_Along_Poly.Des
DBIP Measure distance between any two points of polyline
22 Insert Block at Vertex Point 02-Jan-14 57_Ins_Vertex_Block.Des
InBlv Free lisp routine to insert block at each vertex of selected polyline
23 Export Section Data 25-Dec-13 56_Exp_Section.Des
ExpSec Free lisp routine to export cross section details from drawing
24 Unit Conversion 05-Dec-13 UnitConversion.exe Utility to convert most popular surveying units – length, area and volume
25 Convert Smooth Polyline 21-Nov-13 54_SPline.Des
sptp Convert smooth polyline to regular polyline
26 Interpolate Elevation 07-Nov-13 53_InterpolateD.Des
ISD Interpolate elevations at a given distance
27 Sea Level 24-Oct-13 52_SeaLevel.Des
SEA Convert elevation to represent sea level
28 Setting Out 10-Oct-13 51_Pillar.Des
pid Useful lisp for converting drawing point as setting-out points
29 Interpolate Multiple Elevations 26-Sep-13 49_InterpolateN.Des
ISN Program to interpolate multiple elevations
30 ESurvey COGO 19-Sep-13 ESurveyCogoSetup.exe Coordinate geometry calculations simplified
31 Macros 12-Sep-13 47_Macros.Des
Set of macros to speed up drawing editing
32 Create Elevations from 3D Line 28-Aug-13 45_CrateElevation.Des
crel Easily create elevations from 3D line
33 Elevation Extraction 22-Aug-13 LatLong.CSV Easily extract elevation from google earth
34 Elevate Block 08-Jul-13 43_ElevateBlock.Des
ELBLK Lisp routine to elevate blocks using nearest elevation text.
35 Smoothen Cross Section Line 18-Jul-13 41_Smoothen.Des
smtn Smoothen cross section line to represent it as a natural surface
36 ESurvey Shape 09-Jul-13 ESurveyShapeSetup.exe Convert AutoCAD DXF or AutoCAD DWG to ESRI Shape file
37 Alignment Road Design Details 04-Jul-13 39_Road_Design.Des
RDgn Create curve design details for any road alignment
38 Find Difference in OverLapping Text 20-Jun-13 38_FindOverLapDiff.Des
FDF Find difference among overlapping texts
39 List DXF Details 06-Jun-13 37_LispDXF.Des
ldxf List all DXF details of selected entity
40 Mid Point Interpolation 16-May-13 36_Inter_Mid.Des
ISTM Interpolate text at mid-point of selected texts
41 Update Elevation 02-May-13 35_AddP.Des
AddP Add Z value to selected points
42 Multiply 21-Apr-13 34_Multiply.Des
mult Multiply selected entities with given multiplication factor
43 Power Line 07-Apr-13 33_PowerLine.Des
pow In many survey drawings we have to indicate power line. using this lisp any polyline can be converted to a line indicating power line.
44 Change Layer to Current 21-Mar-13 32_LayerChange.Des
lc Change layer of selected entities to current layer
45 Quikly Create Layers 07-Mar-13 31_QuickLayer.Des
ql Quickly create a new layer
46 Interchange Texts 21-Feb-13 30_InterChange.Des
itx Interchange the texts
47 Rotate Text 07-Feb-13 29_RotateText.Des
rt Rotate text with respect to angle of points selected
48 Copy Text to Many 24-Jan-13 28_CopyText.Des
cpt Copy text of reference text to all other selected texts
49 Snap Text to Grid Point 10-Jan-12 27_SanpText.Des
SNP To snap text to nearest point on the grid with given grid spacing
50 Draw Grid 20-Dec-12 26_DrawGrid.Des
dgrid Draw grid with given grid interval
51 Select Texts Containing 06-Dec-12 25_SelectText.Des
SST Select the texts having specified text among the selected texts
52 Find Overlapping 22-Nov-12 24_Touching.Des
TOTX Find is the text over lapping on another text or entity
53 Round off Values 08-Nov-12 23_RoundOff.Des
ROFF Round off values to nearest 0.005
54 Multiple Area 25-Oct-12 22_MultiArea.Des
MUAR Find area of multiple polygons in single command
55 Insert Block 11-Oct-12 21_Insert_Block.Des
InsB Insert blocks by finding specified text in whole drawing
56 Convert Face to Polyline 27-Sep-12 20_FaceToPoly.Des
3dfp Convert 3D faces to 3D polyline
57 Create Centre Line 13-Sep-12 19_Cen_Line.Des
CeLn Create centre lines from edges
58 Delete Layer 23-Aug-12 18_DelLay.Des
DSL Delete all the entities of layer determined by selected entity
59 Update 3D Vertex 09-Aug-12 17_Up3DPoly.Des
3du Update Z value of all the vertices of a 3D polyline
60 Draw Leader 26-Jul-12 16_DrawLeader.Des
Dlea Draw leader with respective easting and northing
61 Meter to Feet 12-Jul-12 15_MeterToFeet.Des
MtoF Convert metric text to text with metric value and feet value
62 Random Text within Selected Range 29-Jun-12 14_RandElev.Des
Rtxt Create random elevations around available elevation with specified limit
63 Set Normal UCS 15-Jun-12 13_Setucs.Des
sucs Set normal UCS to all the selected entities. useful when there is extrusion angle set to drawing entities by mistake.
64 Elevate Text 01-Jun-12 12_ElevateText.Des
Etxt Elevate selected texts as per the elevations mentioned in the selected texts
65 Box around a Text 18-May-12 11_ BoxText.Des
11_ BoxText.Fas
boxt Put boxes around selected texts
66 Scale Line 04-May-12 10_ScaleLine.Des
SLin Scale selected lines from mid-point with given scale factor.
67 Circle around a Text 19-Apr-12 09_CircleText.Des
TCir Put circles around selected texts
68 Export Pline Length to Text File 05-Apr-12 08_PLLength.Des
PLen Export poly line length of selected lines to a CSV file
69 Repeat Measure Command 30-Mar-12 07_RepeatMeasure.Des
RMES Repeat measure command with blocks insertion option for several poly lines in a single command
70 Find Intersections 16-Mar-12 06_Intersection.Des
Fint Find intersection points among the selected poly lines
71 Arc to Line 02-Mar-12 05_ConvArc.Des
Artl Convert arc or circle into a set of line segment
72 Measure Line 16-Feb-12 04_MesLine.Des
Mlin Measure each segment of selected poly line.
73 Export Pline Coordinates 02-Feb-12 03_VertexExport.Des
VExp Export point data (X, Y and Z) of Each vertex of the selected plines to a CSV File
74 Import Sl,X,Y,Z and Code 19-Jan-12 02_Import.Des
IPnt Program to import serial number, elevation, & code from files wherein the point data (downloaded from total station or GPS) is stored in CSV (Comma Separated Value) Format, necessarily in the following order
75 Export XYZ 05-Jan-12 01_ExportXYZ.Des
Exyz Program to export X (Easting), Y (Northing) and Z (Elevation) of the selected text along with the text content to CSV File
Speed up your CAD Processing: This website is dedicated solely to provide you with lisps to simplify and speedup your Survey Drawing Preparation. Please note that the customizations that we aim to provide you will pertain only to survey drawing and no other fields. There are thousands of utilities and applications that have been developed using AutoLISP or Visual LISP. This site is different compared to many other Free Lisps sites, in a way that we develop lisps depending on your requirement and we don’t upload previously developed Lisp. Hurry up!! Become a member [Link to Member Type] and send your Lisp Requirement.

Intro Questions and Answers: What to download and How to Download Lisp? Each CAD package requires a different file-type to run the lisp. Below mentioned are a few required file-extension: .LSP – Lisp File (Works with AutoCAD / BricsCAD / GStarCAD / ZWCAD) .FAS - Compiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File (Works with AutoCAD / GStarCAD) .DES – Bricscad Compiled Lisp File (Works with BricsCAD) .ZEL - ZWCAD Compiled Lisp File (Works with ZWCAD)

How to Upload Lisp in My CAD Package?
  1. Start your CAD program, at command prompt or on the screen, type 'appload'. The Load/Unload Applications dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Next to ‘Look in’, click to browse to the directory where you have saved the lisp file, select the required file, click 'Load' button and click 'Close' button.
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