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Free Lisp to Insert Vertex

Insert Vertext (IVER) lisp command is used to insert vertices at all the points of the text placed on a polyline. This can be mainly used for creating vertices at all the texts on a polyline, which further eases the procedure to convert it into a 3d polyline using the supporting lisps like 2d3d. Please note that a new line generated joining all the selected text, leaving the existing line untouched. Ensure that insertion point of the text where the vertices to be inserted is on the polyline. Inserting vertex in an existing polyline involves multiple step using the PEDIT command. If you want to insert multiple vertex for a given polyline. Just place dummy text on the polyline and use this command to insert multiple vertices in a single step.

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Download Compiled Lisp File:
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81_IVer.des 81_IVer.FAS