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Free Lisp - Snap Elevation Text to Grid Point

This free lisp is useful while working with Land Survey Drawings. Many programs expect elevations values to be exactly on the grid coordinates. If your elevation values are scattered, such programs may not accept your data properly. Using free lisp 'Snap Text to Grid point' you can move all the selected text to nearest grid point in a single command. Let us say a text value is at the insertion point of X = 23.45 and Y = 34.56 then if we specify a grid value of 5, Nearest grid point to this text will be 25,35 and the text will be moved from 23.45, 34.56 to 25,35.

Snap Elevation Text to Grid Point
Download Compiled Lisp Source File:
To download the Compiled Lisp Files, click on download text in the Attachments shown below. Please note that you will need to login or register to be able to download the file. The registration is free.