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Free Lisp - Convert Elevation to Represent Sea Level

This free lisp is useful in representing sea levels in survey drawing in different style. When land survey is done elevations are represented as numbers as we represent any other number as most of the elevations on ground will be positive. But when sea or pond survey is done normally elevations represent depth of water. Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors. Survey maps which represent details of pond and ocean are called Bathymetric maps.

Originally, bathymetry involved the measurement of ocean depth through depth sounding. So, the elevations representing depth of water is also called sounding and it is represented in a little different style. Integer value is given as a separate number in bold and decimal value is represented with smaller font height as under-script.

This program will convert numbers into different texts which represent sounding.

Free Lisp SEA
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