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Free Lisp – Check Polygon in CAD Drawing - GIS Export

CAD and GIS are closely related. Editor in GIS application are not as handy as AutoCAD. Most of the GIS drawings are first prepared in AutoCAD and then they are exported to GIS system. In GIS information is mostly attached to the polygon. In AutoCAD when you create polygon even if it is mathematically closed, it can be still considered as open if “closed”property of a polygon is set to no. In AutoCAD there are tools to find overlapping entities. Quality check with overlapping entities finder will not make checks such as polygon is closed or not. This program is prepared to to quality check of the drawing before you convert your drawing to GIS.

Download Compiled Lisp Files

Free Lisp Closed polyline
To download the Compiled Lisp Files, click on Download text in the Attachments shown below. Please note that you will need to login or register to be able to download the file. The registration is free.