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Free Lisp – Measure Distance between Vertex of Polyline

One of the visitors of www.surveydrawing.net asked for developing a lisp for finding distance between any two points of the polyline. If distance between 2 points of a polyline has to be measured, it become little difficult, as we have to trim the line and measure. Using this AutoLisp Routine distance between any two point of polyline can be measured, even if it has got arc segments or any number of polyline segments between the selected points. It not only gives the total distance between the selected point, it will measure each segment and mark the distance for cross checking.
As long as your requirement is related to survey drawing application, we love to develop further such lisps and publish in our site absolutely free. Please note that like all other lisps in this site, you can download the complete source code of the lisp also. Please don’t hesitate to express your views by posting it in the form of comments. Without so much support from all of you this site would not have come long way. For Survey Drawing requirements now this site is very popular and attracts highest number of visitors per day.

Free Lisp DBIP
Download Compiled Lisp File:
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