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Free Lisp to Insert Blocks at the Centre of Each Segment

Inserting blocks depending on certain logic have been always a requirement while working with CAD Drawings and AutoCAD has come up with commands to address this requirement. Measure command of AutoCAD can insert the blocks at a given distance. Divide command of AutoCAD can divide the give polyline into specified number of segments and then insert the block. Both these commands cannot be used to insert the block at mid point of the polyline as each segment of the polyline will be of different length. Using Mid Block (midb) lisp command, you can insert a specific AutoCAD block at the midpoint of all the segments of selected polyline.

More lisp commands to insert blocks

  1. Insert blocks at intersection or end or a combination of intersection and end point among selected polyline
  2. Insert block at each vertex of selected polyline
  3. Insert blocks by finding specified text in whole drawing
  4. Repeat measure command with block insertion option for several poly lines in a single command

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Download Compiled Lisp File:
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82_MidBlock.des 82_MidBlock.FAS