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Free Lisp – Find Open Polylines

In AutoCAD even if the polyline start and end coordinates are same, a polygon is considered open if the Flag indicating open polyline is set to false. When exporting closed polygons to GIS and other Land Records applications, if the polyline is not closed, it may not get imported properly in another application. To ensure that we are exporting Closed Polylines only, it is better to do a check for open and closed polyline. This lisp will indicate which all the polylines are open among selected polylines.

Free Lisp Opp
1. Type ‘Opp’ at the command prompt.
2. Select Polylines: Select polylines among which you want to find out open polylines
Program will indicate which of the polylines are Open by drawing line / circle from first point of the polyline.

Download Compiled Lisp Files:
To download the Compiled Lisp Files, click the download text in the Attachments shown below. Please note that you will need to login or register to be able to download the file. The registration is free.