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Free Lisp to Convert Measurement in Feet to Meters

This is a lisp to convert the text objects which are in feet and inches to meters. There is a need for this in many countries which follow both Imperial and metric system of presenting the dimensions. This lisp allows to convert the feet and inches with the following format only, e.g.: 90’ 20” (read as 90 feet and 20 inches) will be converted as 27.94m. Lisp will create a new text considering the insertion point of the text representing Feet.

For addressing vice versa case, that is for converting text representing meter to feet, please refer another free lisp page.

  1. 1 Metre is equal to 3.28084 feet
  2. 1 Feet is equal to 0.3048 metres

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      85_FeettoMeter.des 85_FeettoMeter.FAS