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Free Lisp – Export Vertex Information with Auto Numbering

We already have a lisp for exporting vertex data.Vertex export lisp is one of the popular lisps. However, many users have appreciated this program and some have asked improvement in that program. As the result of requests, we have developed this program. In this program lisp not only Exports the vertex information (Easting, Northing and Elevation) but also it numbers each vertex starting from

1. In the output file each vertex will have respective numbers which will be very helpful in setting out (staking out). We also encourage you to suggest improvements in existing lisp or if you have specific requirement you can let us know.

Free Lisp VID

Download Compiled Lisp Files:
To download the Compiled Lisp Files, click on download text in the Attachments shown below. Please note that you will need to login or register to be able to download the file. The registration is free.