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Free Lisp - Export Cross Section Data from Drawing

When Survey is done in scattered land Particularly in Mine Survey, you should not interpolate the value and Create Cross Section. Original Survey Data to be used. In Such cases for Creating Cross Section or Longitudinal Section along the Survey Line, you require 2 information a) Distance (Cumulative Distance) and b) Point Elevation. When you use this lisp and pick elevations in the order of Survey Alignment, Program will create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and then you can open the output in your spread sheet application like Excel. Further you can import that section data in Section Software’s like ESurvey Section to Create Cross Section or Longitudinal Section.

Free Lisp Export Section
This lisp can be used for Creating Cross Section of any infrastructure project like Road, Railway, Irrigation, Mining, and Pipeline. This lisp was prepared for a requirement from a customer who was working on a Mining Project.

Free Lisp Export Section
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