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Free Lisp – Convert MText to Text in CAD

MText is one of the complex entities in AutoCAD. It is useful when you want to represent the text content with formatting. For example, you can put the super script in Text representation. One of the limitations of MText is that it becomes little inconvenient to handle the drawing for many reasons which includes drawing slows down, editing of text becomes less difficult, many lisp programs are specific to Text and Text is not recognized by such programs. Converting MText to Text can be achieved with Explode command, when MText is exploded it becomes Text or multiple Texts. If the text content is represented with multiline content exploding MText will lead to representing the same data in multiple line. This program converts all MText content into Single line Text.

Download Compiled Lisp Files:

To download the Compiled Lisp Files, click on Download text in the Attachments shown below. Please note that you will need to login or register to be able to download the file. The registration is free.