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ESurvey Earthwork: Quantity Calculation Made Simple

Quantity calculation made simple using ESurvey Earthwork

  Quantity calculation made simple

Generate volume calculation and section drawings from point data available in CAD drawing or levels available in Excel or CSV file.

Key Features:

  • Import data from CSV, Excel or CAD for earthwork calculation and section drawings
  • Generate earthwork calculation with fixed formation level or between two surfaces
  • Generate earthwork calculations for complicated structures by importing simple lines defining 3d surfaces
  • Generate interim earthwork reports during progress of projects
  • Generate detailed quantity calculation (Quantity takeoff) reports either using Triangulation method or Block method
  • Generate elevation grids or block levels without getting into complicated surface creation
  • Generate earthwork calculation reports between given depth of cut or depth of Fill
  • Automatic calculation of optimum fixed formation level
  • Create 3D output to represent initial and final surface


  • Save time for quantity calculation
  • Get the optimum formation level to match cutting and filling for a surface in single click
  • Create instant and accurate quantity estimate along with respective drawings


Generating earthwork report with given formation level. Generating earthwork report for 2 earthwork surfaces. Generating earthwork report for a ground surface and estimated 3d surface. Generating earthwork with section on block method. Earthwork calculation for different depth of cut or height of filling.