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Earthwork Software Help - Quantity Takeoff in Interface

Though ESurvey Lisps works mainly with CAD Packages, there are 5 Utilities that work independently. The CAD utilities under interface are:
1) Traverse Correction: If you have data in Spread sheet and wish to do the traverse correction, without getting into CAD Package, use traverse correction interface. Please note that if you have the drawing for the same data, Traverse correction can also be done using lisp.
2) Lat Long: Using this utility, you will be able to convert latitude, longitude to Easting, Northing values and vice versa. Either single point data can be converted or multiple point data can be converted using bulk conversion facility.
3) Unit Converter: Using this utility you can convert measurement units (Length / Area / Volume) from one to another.
4) Plot Ready: If you have multiple section drawings and wish to convert them into Single drawing, you can do the same using Plot Ready Utility. Further, if you wish to bulk plot them, then using lisp provided, you can plot multiple portion of the drawing with single lisp command.
5) Script: CAD Packages allow running script and Lisp. If a set of Scripts or Lisps to be run on multiple drawing, then use this application and locate the drawings on which set of scripts and lisps to be run. This application will create required script and execute the same.
6) Field Book: Calculations are carried out on the readings noted during a Survey Operation called Levelling.