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Area Division Method - Divide Polygon into Equal Areas

Dividing a polygon into equal parts is always a challenge, particularly when you have to divide an irregular polygon. It involves a number of Iterations to get the accurate division of a polygon.

In this article, methods of dividing the irregular polygon in CAD Package are discussed with a couple of case studies.

Case study

Case 1: For this given polygon total area is 35439.41  it has to be divided into 2 equal parts in given angle.

In the picture below, we can see that the area is divided into two equal halves based on the given direction, the area is 17719.706 square meters Each.

How to arrive the Exact position of the dividing line in CAD? This can be done by starting from an approximate position and by moving the line step by step and finding the area at each position, till you get the required result that is 17719.706.

Case 2: Same polygon to be divided into two parts based on the given percentage, say 30% and 70%. The resulting drawing is shown below.

Case 3: Same Polygon to be divided into 4 equal parts as below.

Case 4: It is required to divide a polygon based in the area. That is two parts of 5000 Square meters and one division of 10,000 square meters as shown below.

All these kind of requirement is practical and required when sub dividing the parcel. Doing it in traditional method will be really challenging.

To address the problem, ESurvey has developed a Solution with Name Area Division as part of ESurvey Civil Tools. Click Here to read more about Area Division Module of Civil Tools.