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DEM Extraction and Street View Extraction Service

DEM Stands for Digital elevation model. This model is used for analysis of terrain using different software’s capable of handling DEM. DTM (Digital terrain model) was widely used in reconnaissance survey, Alignment studies, watersheds, counter map creation, etc. This was done basically from the 3d points captured using a total station survey. These points are then processed to get the DTM. In simple terms, the DEM files are generated without doing the field work and is achieved with the online sources available. These DEM files are having wide applications like reconnaissance survey, Alignment studies, watersheds, counter mapping etc.. DEM files are now widely used for preparing the feasibility reports. If the wonderful concept of DEM as not evlolved, it would have called for huge field works, time and money.

Esurvey DEM Extraction

We offer the services of proving the DEM files at required contour intervals as desired by you. The only data needed from you will be Top Left and Bottom Right latitude and longitudes. These DEM files are provided in different projections as required. UTM (Universal transverse Mercator) projection is applied in case you do not insist on any specific projection. We also offer DEM files in various formats like JPG, Tiff, GeoTiff, Dwg. Dxf etc… also on request we provide elevations in excel.

Street View Extraction

Esurvey DEM Extraction

Street view maps are widely used to plan and conduct the survey activities, reconnaissance survey and desk study. If you have a requirement for a larger area of a street view map, there are chances that the extracted map will contain only limited information based on the zoom level. You might have observed that small streets, their names will not be seen when a larger area of the map is extracted. In these situations, maps of smaller zoom levels are extracted and then stitched together. This is a cumbersome process and also what you extract needs to be Geo referenced.

Esurvey DEM Extraction

These maps with the required projection become extremely difficult. It also takes lots of valuable time if you have not mastered this process. Google Maps uses a close variant of the Mercator projection, and therefore cannot accurately show areas around the poles. However, the street view maps are more than sufficient to do the desk study and also to plan the field works.

To overcome this, we offer street view maps which contain all the information with very good resolution so that even when large area maps are extracted the details will be very clear. These maps are Geo referenced and can be easily overlapped on Google earth.