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ESurvey Section: Play with Section (Road, Canal, Railway)

Esurvey Section to create Cross Section and Longitudinal Section

  Play with Sections

ESurvey Sections - Road Design, Canal Design, CS, LS

Esurvey Section to create Cross Section and Longitudinal Section

"ESurvey Sections" is a complete section creation and management solution designed to help engineers, surveyors and designers to create industry standard drawings and to generate instant calculation reports related to Road / Railway Lines / Irrigation / Pipeline Design / Water Network project.

"ESurvey Sections" is a result of deep market research by a team of civil & software engineers. This application has been developed after studying and understanding practical problems faced by surveying and civil community while working with survey related drawings. Its interface consists of a built-in spreadsheet and CAD-like viewing screen. However, handshaking of Excel and CAD is done efficiently to utilise the capabilities of both the applications to the maximum extent, thus helping the user to save time and money and increase productivity. It is a complete software solution for generating sections, converting point data into drawings and interpolating available data to generate drawings.

Key Features:

  • Generate section from CAD alignment or Excel data
  • Design and edit multiple profiles for Irrigation,Road, Railways, Tank Bund
  • Horizontal and Vertical alignment with super elevation
  • Generate Area/Volume reports
  • Export multiple cross section drawings in one cad file


  • Save considerable time while generating multiple sections and respective area and volume report from Excel / CAD / Field Book data
  • Extensive section settings allows you to create highly presentable sections
  • Design single profile for both cutting and filling section requirement which will automatically adjust to suit the requirement
  • Sections related to Road Highway, Railway, Tank and Pipeline can be done by learning only one package
  • Use ESurvey Section irrespective of your CAD package as ESurvey Section works with AutoCAD / BricsCAD / GStarCAD / ZWCAD


Importing Data Importing Data from CAD
Importing Data from Excel
Importing Field Book Data
Navigating and Section Representation View Cross Section and Longitudinal Section
Change Cross Section Properties
Order of Display Layers in Cross Section
Change Datum of Section Drawing
Right Click on Cross Section Grid
Rename Section
Show Remarks in Cross Section
Importing Remarks in Longitudinal Section
Section Management & Additional Layers Modifying the Section Graphically
Interpolate Cross Section Values
Derive Layer CS
Derive Layer CS - Extend
Derive Layers CS - Extrapolate
Derive Layer CS - Join
Derive layer CS - Cutting
Derive layer CS - Difference
Derive layer CS - Distance
Derive layer CS - Gradient
Derive layer CS - Inclusive
Derive layer CS - Interpolate
Derive layer CS - Merge
Derive layer CS - Offset
Derive layer CS - Parallel
Derive layer CS - Road layer
Derive LS Layer
Section Template & Application Creating Cross Section Template
Standard Cross Section Template
CS Template Store
Apply Formation Level for All Cross Sections in the Project
Apply CS Template
Applying CS Template When New Alignment Is Not Matching with the Original Alignment
Dimension & Gradient Representation for Cross Section Profiles
CS Template Variables
Selectively Applying Templates to Cross Sections
Assign a Block to Cross Section Template
Profile Correction
Road Layers in Cross Section Template
Cross Section for Road Widening
Alignment Importing Alignment Line to ESurveyCADD
Marking Offset Lines along the Alignment
Import Formation Levels
Printing and Exporting Printing Cross Section and Longitudinal Sections
Plotting Multiple Drawings with a Single Command
Export Cross Section Drawings as DXF
Export CS and LS Drawing to CAD
Area and Volume Reports
Generate Field Book from Cross Section Data
Exporting Cross Section Data in Tablular Format
Print Area Calculation in Cross Section
Exporting Cross Section Data along Alignment
Road Design Creating a Road Design Project
Import Surface Point Data
Horizontal Alignment Design
Vertical Alignment Design
Create Cross Sections
Template Assembly
Applying Cross Section Template
Strengthening and widening settings
Plan Drawing Generation
Plan and profile generation
Canal Design Irrigation Canal Cross Section Profile
Irrigation Canal Cross Section with Soil Strata
Cross Sections along Alignment Having Canal Drops
Canal Modernization
Hydraulic Gradient Line
Solutions RailRoad Design
Drop Design
Concepts Layers – 103 Layers and Their Behaviour
Tools Clearing Cross Section Data
Setting Default CAD Package / Spread Sheet
View Elevation
Default Settings
Import Settings

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