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Contour Software Help - Generate Smooth Contour within CAD

1. Open the sample drawing file which has elevations and a boundary.

Contour Map Software
2. Before generating the contours you need to set contour generation preferences.This can be done by selecting 'Contour Setting(CNS)' under 'Contours' sub menu in 'ESurvey CADD' menu.

Contour Map Grid Levels
3. In 'Contours Settings' window you can specify parameters like contour interval, grid spacing, boundary generation factor.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
For example, let us set 0.5 as contour interval,specify major lines for every 2M. Select 'Smooth Contours' from Contour Lines group. Specify 5M as 'Grid' interval and 'Grid Line Spacing' in Grid Elevation and Lines group. If you are selecting the boundary for contour generation, no need to make any changes to 'Scanning Radius' in Contour Calculation group.Select 'Contour'¬Ě, 'Grid', 'Grid Elevations¬Ě' in the Output Layers group.Save these settings by clicking on 'Apply' button.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
4. In the next step,select Generate Contours from ESurveyCADD-> Contour sub menu. Now the software will ask for selecting elevation text.Select all the levels in the drawing and then select the boundary when application prompts for the same.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
5. You can see that application has generated contour, contour annotations, grid, grid elevation, grid annotation all in a single command.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
6. ESurvey CADD can automatically create the boundary in case boundary is not available.If you specify the approximate maximum distance between the points you have captured, which is termed as scanning radius in the software.The software will automatically create a boundary. After triangulating the data software will remove all the triangles having side lengths more than the specified values and create boundary by considering the remaining triangles.
In this case, software is creating imaginary boundary using data depending on scanning radius specified in settings.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
7. Generating contours without boundary is similar to creating contour with boundary. You have to specify 'No' when program specifically asks you a question 'Do you wish to Export Boundary Yes/No '. In such case program will create a boundary depending on scanning radius value provided

8. You can also generate contours with multiple boundaries, Islands, Break lines Etc.
Create a couple of boundaries in this sample data.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
9. When contour generation command asks for a boundary, select all the boundaries you have created.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area
10. The software will automatically leave out Islands and create the contours.

Contour Map Tank Catchment Area