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ESurvey Contour: Digital Terrain Modelling Made Affordable

Digital terrain modeling Using ESurvey Contour

  Digital terrain modeling made affordable

Key Features:

  • Import data from CSV, Excel or CAD for contour generation
  • Generate contours directly within CAD
  • Draw section for any alignment fixed on the contour map
  • Generate area and contour volume based on contour
  • Generate boundary based contours
  • Generate contours for specific levels
  • Generate contours with break line definition
  • Generate grid elevations or block levels
  • Annotate contours:
    1. At Endpoints
    2. At Mid-Points
    3. At Selected Points
    4. At Specified Intervals
    5. At Fence Line Intersection
  • Draw grid elevations from existing contours
  • Create 3D surface within CAD or create KML to view in google earth
Digital Terrain Modeling(DTM) Using ESurvey Contour


  • No additional steps of creating terrain for contour generation
  • Quick and Smooth contours
  • Lightweight contours thereby reducing the drawing file size
  • Generate Boundary, Grid Elevation, Grid Annotation, Contours, Contour Annotation in single step.


Creating contour map with point data, Annotating contour, Generating grid levels, Preparing contour surface in 3D, Preparing contour based area and volume reports, Creating alignment on a contour surface.