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Land Survey Engineering Article - Const & Architecture Feb 2013

Construction And Architecture Update Reviews Land Surveying Software

Construction And Architecture Update Reviews Land Surveying Software

Present Your Drawing In Google Earth

Google Earth implementation has brought in new dimension for visualization. This created the opportunity for civil Engineers to present their data in Geographic Coordinate Systems. Mostly, Civil Engineers display their information for clients with maps and two-dimensional graphics (Cartesian Coordinate System), either on paper or digitally. With Google Earth there is a way to represent two-dimensional drawings in three dimensions, with an understandable backdrop of Earth Image. This has enabled civil Engineers with a greater opportunity to impress clients and make it more understandable.
With simply powerful interface, Google Earth combines and displays stunning graphics and a planet full of data to which anyone may add information and share that information with the rest of the world in just a few short clicks. In a very short time Google Earth became very popular (More than 1 billion downloads) because of its simplicity and power. It is simple to use yet highly stable.
Civil Engineering Drawings such as Survey Maps use Cartesian coordinate System to represent a point. Google earth on the other hand Uses WGS84 Map datum to represent data. To make Civil Engineering Drawings compatible with Google Earth a geodetic transformation is required.

KML File:
Google Earth can open documents called Keyhole Markup Language (KML) documents and overlay the content on available imagery. KML is a simple text-formatted syntax that provides basic information regarding location, data type (points, lines, polygons), symbology, and attributes.
ESSIPL has developed a Solution to Port Data between AutoCAD to Google Earth. This application is named as ESurvey KML. ESurvey KML can covert KML file in to AutoCAD drawing or AutoCAD Drawing into KML File. Using this product even Simple 2D Drawing developed in AutoCAD can be represented in 3D on Google with Simple Steps.

Images below represent 3D KML files Created Using ESurvey KML
With release of ESurvey KML it has become very easy to convert any Survey Drawing (Road, Railway, Irrigation, Canal, Layout, City Map) to a KML file that can be opened with Google Earth Geo browser. When you can see your survey drawing in relation to imagery and terrain, it becomes very easy to understand the drawing.