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Civil Tools - A Bunch of Efficient Drafting, Analysis & Design Solutions

Sl. No. Product Image Module Name Description
1 Area Division

Area Division

Accurate Division with Ease
  • Area Divided by Number of Portion
  • Area Divided by given partial area
  • Area Divided by Given Percentage
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2 Ayacut


Percentages cent percent simplified
  • Prepare Report for the extraction of the area which can be irrigated within a chalk
  • Compute Percentage of a Particular Survey Boundary of various villages in Pocket (Chalks)
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3 Bunt


Rejuvnate Tank bund with Benching
  • Create cross sections of a tank bund for improvements and new minor irrigation tank
  • Automatic generation of benches considering the existing slope of the bund.
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4 CAD Layout

CAD Layout

Model way to create CAD Layouts
  • Easily create Print Layouts in CAD Package, Just by marking print area with Polygon
  • Highly suitable for saving time in creating Print Layouts of Plan, Profile in any Alignment Projects like Road, Railway line, Canal
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5 Excel to CAD

Excel to CAD

Excel to CAD Redefined
  • Convenient way to Create Table data as Native CAD Entities from Excel or CSV
  • A time saver for importing data of regularly used Table as you can configure table headings and column widths and import data with the same settings.
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6 Parcels


Percentages Cent Percent Simplified
  • Prepare Area report of Land Acquisition or Utilisation of Survey Boundaries along the Project area
  • Compute Percentage of a Particular Survey Boundary of various villages in Pocket (Chalks) of Irrigation project
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7 Pavement Design

Pavement Design

BBD, VDA, MSA Analysis
  • Design Pavement Thickness depending on BBD (Benkelman Beam Deflection), VDA (Vehicle damage factor) & MSA (Million Standard axl) data
  • Save considerable time for Interpolating vales from IRC (Indian Road Congress) Charts
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8 Quick Section

Quick Section

Sections within CAD Package
  • Quickly Convert Alignment data as Cross Section and Longitudinal Section Drawings with in your CAD Package
  • Compute detailed Area Report for for earch of the generated Cross Sections and Volume reports in Excel
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9 Road Network

Road Network

Plan, Profile and Cross Section Creation in Single Step
  • Create a Plan, Profile and Cross Sections for all the Roads of Layout in Single Step by applying Cross Section Templates
  • Visualize the difference in formation Level at cross roads for arriving suitable formation levels
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10 Sewer Network

Sewer Network

Diameter & Slope Optimizer
  • Design Optimized Sewer Network considering Pipe Diameter, Slope, Velocity for a Locality or for the Entire City
  • Smooth interface for data transfer between CAD and Network Optimizer, Helps you design optimum Network Quickly
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11 Tunnel Section


Ladder to Map
  • Create dimensions of ladder entities, boundaries along with area in a single command
  • Get the dimensions in metric system as well as Chain and Anna which is also widely practiced
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12 Tunnel Section

Tunnel Section

Area Calculation for Excavation, Under Cut, Over Profile
  • Prepare Presentable Cross Section Drawings
  • Save Considerable time in Preparing Area Computation for Under Cut, Over Profile
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13 Water Network

Water Network

Plan, Profile Creation in Single Step
  • Create Plan and Profile drawings for all the Water Distribution lines of the Water Network project in Single Step
  • Automatically compute indicative Formation Level by providing minimum and maximum depth of cut.
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