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Cad Layout - Create Multiple Layouts in CAD Quickly

ESurvey CAD Layout Create Layouts in CAD Quickly

CAD Layout

  Model way to create Layout

Model way to create CAD Layouts Easily create Print Layouts in CAD Package, Just by marking print area with Polygon Highly suitable for creating Print Layouts for Plan, Profile in any Alignment Project

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Have you ever faced a problem in creating multiple layouts in a CAD package? Have you ever felt that you or your team consumes lots of time to prepare the drawings for plotting? Then it’s for sure that this module is going to solve your issues within few easy steps. While interacting with our major clients, we have understood that preparing the plan and profile (P&P) drawings were a time consuming process, in particular, which inspired us to give a prompt and easy solution with the intention of saving precious time and produce quality drawings.

In this module, you can draw the closed polygons in the model space. And then produce the layouts as desired. The concept of preparing the polygons in the model space is just made simple in the following steps.

1. Align the polygons on a specified alignment by specifying the required length and the height of the polygon for P&P drawings. or prepare polygons for a particular area for other types.
2. Specify the location of the polygon for placement in the layout.
3. Specify the scale of the layout as required.
4. Generate all the layouts in a single command.

This module also helps in generating “General arrangement drawings” (GAD) for presentations and plotting.


It can generate any number of drawings into the layout.
It supports multiple viewports (Vports as termed generally in cad packages like Autocad, BricsCad, ZWCad etc..) to be plotted into a single or multiple layouts, with a customized templates or title blocks, which could be either Xrefed (External Reference) or inserted as a block or as a part of a drawing. It is best suited for Road projects, Rail projects, Canal Projects, Irrigation projects, Infra Projects and much more.


Create Plan and Profile Drawings using CAD Layout Software

To work with CAD Layout Software one has to have the basic knowledge of Model Space and Layout Space of CAD Software. Typically, when you create Layouts in a drawing, you have to create multiple viewports. Zoom portion of drawing in a given viewport with required scale. The software will automate the process of preparing individual layout which otherwise will take a lot of time.

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly

Marking Boundaries along Plan and Profile – CAD Layout Software

You can manually draw Polyline boundaries and assign Viewport information to them or you can draw and assign the information automatically through commands.

Draw a polyline and put it in Layer LB_001. “LB_XXX” is the layer naming standard to be used. LB_001 means, contents of marked boundary will be displayed in output Layout 001. You need to specify where the viewport for this particular drawing area to appear in Layout space. For that you can use “Edit attached Layout Link for Selected Box (Edbx)” from CAD Layout Menu. In “Viewport Position in Output Layout” window you can specify View Port Top X, Top Y and Scale and save it. With this you are ready to create respective Layout Automatically. Note that when you draw the boundary, its width and height to be multiple of the scale for that you specify. Suppose in Layout space if you want Width as 200 units and if the scale factor is 2 then in model space the width of polygons that you draw should be equal to 400 units.

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
You can have multiple polygons in same Layer. For example If you want Title Box, Plan and Profile in the same layout. Then you have to create 3 different polygons representing 3 print areas and all those polygons to be present in same layer say “LB_005”.

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Note: As indicated earlier, “LB_001” indicates the output has to come in layout number 001. Like this you can have up to 998 different polygons numbering. “LB_999” is a special Layer. If you create print area polygons in Layer “LB_999” then that print area is repeated in all the layouts.

When you want to create such boundaries along any alignment manually it will take a lot of time. Using AlBx, HrBx command you can draw multiple boundaries along an alignment in a single command.

Before drawing the Polygons to represent the print areas, it is better to prepare a sample output manually in Layout Space. Let us say you want Plan to be displayed on top half portion and profile to be displayed at bottom half portion. First draw 2 view ports. Using “Read Guiding Values from Existing Viewport (RdBx)” command read information about viewport. Top X, Top Y. Please do decide the scale factor also initially before you run commands for creating multiple polygons representing the print areas.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Using ALBX command draw box along with alignment.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Understanding some parameters in ALBX Commands

Match Line Width: Normally when a drawing is split into multiple drawing, it is command practice that a Match line is drawn at regular interval and drawing is printed in Layout little beyond this match line and in next drawing, there will be little margin before Matchline, so that after printing multiple pages, they can be stitched back as a single drawing with reference to Match line.

Extra Width for Starting and Ending Polygon: For Left Margin of First drawing and Right Margin of End drawing, you may wish to specify different values.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Print Area Numbering: In some cases you may wish to start the alignment number other than 1. Provision is given to specify first print area number in Albx command.

When you execute “ALBX” command you have to select the centre line of alignment and specify various factors like for how much length you have to create print area. What should be the height of the polygon, Match line with, Extra width for starting and Ending boxes and starting layout number. They you have to specify the Top X, Top Y and Scale factor for the respective view port in Layout Space.

Once all these inputs are provided, AlBx command will draw all the print areas along the alignment line.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Using HrBx command: As we created Polygon boundaries along the alignment, we can create polygon boundaries across profile also by specifying similar Factors.

HrBx command can be used not only for marking polygons along the profile. It can be used for marking boundaries for multiple drawing areas in Single drawing such as Cross Section output from ESurvey Section software.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Once you create Print areas along Profile, You may have to move each of the boxes manually so that you can represent the important information in Print Layout.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
You can copy and paste polygons created to some other location. In this example, you want to print the Profile L Section drawing bands to be shown in Layout, So you can copy the polygon boxes which are created using HrBx command. But you have to change the Top X and Top Y values of those polygons. Using BlBx command you can change Top X, Top Y and Scale factor values of multiple Polygons.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Layout Page Settings: When you work on drawings you will know in Which Media you are going to print them. Say A3 sheets are final output in your project. Before automatically creating the Layouts, Using command you are recommended to make out Layout Ready for printing. If you create a Layout name with “Base” as the Layout name, all the layouts that get created during the automatic layout generation in the next step, will use this base layout as a template.

Go to the Layout tab and rename layout1 as Base. Right click on the base Layout tab, select Page Setup Manager, Page setup manager window will appear

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Click on the New button and specify New page setup name, Say A3 then click on Ok button
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Set printer Name, paper size and other settings as required in final output and then click Ok button.
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Set A3 setting as current page setup to Base layout
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
With all these steps your Base Layout is ready. If you want Legends to come with each drawing, you can prepare the Legend also in Base Layout only.

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Export Drawing to Layout Once you have marked all the print areas and if you have setup the base layout, you are ready to automatically create multiple layouts.

Select CXBX command from CAD Layout sub menu under ESurvey Civil Tools menu.

Select the polygon boxes for which you have to create Layouts, all the Layouts will be created automatically, considering the Top X, Top Y and Scale factors specified for each of the Polygons representing the print areas.

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
Create Layouts in CAD Quickly
The image below represents one of the Layouts prepared using CrBx Command.

Create Layouts in CAD Quickly