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Bund Correction

Cross Sections For Bund Correction

Bund Correction
1. Open ESurvey Sections Interface.
2. Provide Remarks for distance in the ground file from where Bund has to be corrected.
3. Import ground data. i.e existing bund details.
4. Section preview as below.
5. Run the Bund Project.exe from the ESurvey Section folder.
6. Select existing  Esection file where bund data exists.
7. Fill all relevant data to correct the bund.

Details :
Select E Sections File : This option is used to select the directory in which the E Section file is saved

Bund Start Remark : Remark should be given for the designed profile such that it should  start from that point. Here Remark BS is given

Bund Level : This is used to set the bund level

Bund width : This is used to enter the top width of the Bund surface (or the Road width)

Bund Left and Right slope : This is used to enter slope for left and ride side of bund

Height from centre : BS Remark is intersected from that point 3m from the top of the ground

Step height : Steps are nothing but benching which is introduced to strengthen the existing bund. It gives bonding between the old earth and new earth

Next layer depth : It is bottom of the ground to remove the existing earth and add new earth to fix bonding

8. Click on Generate button.

9. Find the Preview for Corrected Bund