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Land Survey Engineering Article - Build Expression Jan 2013

Surveying Computations Simplified

Surveying Computations Simplified
This software application has been developed after studying and understanding practical problems faced by surveying and civil community while working with survey related drawings.
Most projects started with survey and progresses with help of survey. Initially, survey is essential to establish current ground conduction to plan the construction activity .with advancement in technology, ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt Ltd, is able to provide engineers and architects a quick, cost effective, accurate solution in the sphere of surveying.
ESurveying software package mainly has four products namely, ESurvey CAD, ESurvey Lisps, ESurvey KML. These are easy to use software tool which helps in converting the survey data into drawing and then drawing contours, sections and layout drawings. Importing Total station data to drawings, Converting CAD data back to point data for setting out, Road Design and Exporting drawing to Google Earth, all happen with simple clicks. It is extremely beneficial to Surveyors/Consulting Firms/Infrastructure companies/Engineering   Colleges/CAD   services/CAD   training Institutes and Government Organizations.

Domain Expertise
ESSIPL specializes in providing survey software solutions. Backed by passionate pool of professionals, ESSIPL is capable of rendering class services as per the specifications laid by our clients . Company follows high degree of excellence in term of timely delivery with systematic approach.
  • Section Creation and Management
  • Road (Including Curve Design)
  • Railways
  • Irrigation Canals (Including Modernization)
  • Tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Contouring
  • Interpolation
  • Earthwork / Quantity Calculation
  • Topographical Maps
  • Survey lisps
Product Suite
ESurvey Section- a complete Section Creation and Management Solution designed to help engineers, surveyors and designers to create industry standard drawings and to generate instance calculation reports related to Road /   Railway lines /   Irrigation / Pipeline design / Sewer Network Project.
This application has been developed after studying and understanding practical problems faced by surveying and civil community while working with survey related drawings. Its interface consists of Excel and CAD is done efficiently to utilize the capabilities of both applications to maximum extent, thus helping the user t save time and money and increase solution for generating sections, converting point data into drawings and interpolating Available data to generate drawings
These are easy to use software tools which helps in converting the survey data into drawing and then drawing contours, sections and layout drawings.

‘ESurvey Sections’ comes with two add-ons:
  • Topodraw:   Generates Topographical drawings from point data instantly with blocks and elevations in their respective Northings and Eastings.
  •  Interpolate: An easy way to interpolate points at any intervals using the actual surveyed data for generating Cross sections along the Longitudinal Section.
Contours Software: Generates smooth contours quickly from point data available in CAD drawings. Levels available in Excel or CSV file. The software also generates grid level along with contours generation. Moreover, all this can be done from within CAD software. This includes attractive modules like area and volume reports depending on contours area.
ESurvey Lisps - CAD (AutoCAD / BricsCAD / GStarCAD/ ZwCAD) users have their own set of lips for automation, which save a lot of time. But searching for a suitable lisp from this set of lisps is difficult. Also, most of these lisps are freely available on the internet or custom made and hence are not properly documented. To address these issues, ‘ESurvey Lisps’ has been developed. ‘ESurvey Lisps’ is a collection of tailor-made lisp routines developed exclusively for AutoCAD users working on survey drawing. Hence, it is rightly called Energizing Survey Drawings.

Built Expression meets Mr. Kotaa Krishna Kamath, MD, ESSIPL to know more about his organization and IT influence on construction Indudtry.

BE: Can you give a brief history of your company, IT products and services you offer for the construction industry?
KKK: ESurvey Softech Bengaluru base company, founded in 2008, and is dedicated in developing applications related to Survey Engineerings. ESurveying has four Products ESurvey Sections, CAD, Lisps and KML which are popularly used for creating Sections, Contours, Earthwork Calculation, Importing Total station data to drawings, Converting CAD data back to point data for setting out, Road Design and Exporting drawing to Google Earth.
ESurveying has also developed website (www.surveydrawing.net) to help Civil Engineers to prepare Engineering drawings where free tutorials are provided for Learning CAD, Excel and Google Earth.
ESurveying believes in developing Ease to use application at affordable pricing. Recently ESurveying has won ‘Best Civil Engineering’ in a competition conducted by Association of Consulting Civil Engineers(India).

BE: How do you view the adoption of software and technology in the construction industry taking shape?
KKK: In last 15 years there is considerable change in Construction Techniques mainly because of contribution from Various Software’s to Engineering Design and communication. Although all the construction companies are not using Engineering Software’s for carrying their activity, it as almost become common that all companies use software for documentation (word), computation(Excel) and accounting package like tally. They will also be using at least one CAD Package like AutoCAD for at least viewing the drawings. Technology adoption is also driving away some of the earlier practices like blue printing of drawings.
Whereas it calls for additional investment in terms of Computer hardware, Software and Plotter, but it as made teams smaller as team members will able to do more work with computer.
On the other side, bigger firms use many advanced software in addition to basic software’s. Many construction companies have successfully implemented ERPs Software’s like Primavera are very common for planning purposes. As for as Engineering software are concerned, basic CAD Package like AutoCAD look alike BricsCAD and ZWCAD are well received. Architects are using Software like ArchiCAD where buildings can be seen in 3d. Google Earth was a click next to Google Search. New breed of software are also available for Bride Engineering, Building Engineering, Geotechnical Analysis, Groundwater Modeling HVAC, Hydraulic Analysis, Hydrology, slope Stability Analysis, Structural Analysis, Surveying so construction companies have choose among them.
Government bodies also have taken initiative and tenders have become eTenders. Smart phones are also helping engineers to do work smartly in sites and on move.

BE: Which are the factors that are attributing to the growth of IT within the construction industry?
KKK: Bigger job which we call architectural or construction marvels of recent times were not possible without the use of advanced software. When it comes to common construction work with software, quality work can be done quickly. Today everything is costly from remuneration for work force to transportation. Only method one can gain is by spending less and doing thing quickly. Use of multiple software in today’s context, certainly contribute to rapid development.

BE: what are the specialized training required to operate your software?
KKK: ESurveying software package is build with the assumption that most of the Engineers today will be familiar with popular software - AutoCAD, Excel and Google Earth. We have developed the software around these packages to ensure that Customers need not spend much time in adopting our software’s. Normally our training session last just 4 to 6 hours.

Kotaa Krishna Kamath
Kotaa Krishna Kamath, Managing Director, ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt.Ltd. has over 17 years of experience software product development for domestic and international market. He has architected many products in the area of Office Automation, Taxation and Survey engineering domains. India’s highest selling payroll product Saral paypack and TDS Package Saral TDS were initially developed under his guidance. He has experience in different technologies and specialization in Microsoft and Autodesk Technologies. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad and has held middle and senior management position in mid size companies. Recently he received award for ‘Business Excellence’ for India Achievers Forum. His articles have been published in many magazines mainly related to Survey Engineering Drawing.