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Collection of AutoLisp for Entity Area - ESurvey Lisp Help

Under Area, you can find parcel and triangles area and populate parcel area find area of multiple objects.


Sl. No.



1 AMO To add area of multiple objects
2 AE To calculate area of selected object
3 RTR To read triangle area
4 INA To insert area text at pick point
5 LOA To pick point to find lot area

Menu: Area of Multiple Objects (AMO)

Functionality: To Add Area of multiple Objects and display the Area of each object within the object.

Description: Finding area of a polygon is regular requirement while working with a survey drawing. CAD Packages do not offer much to automate Area Calculation Process. It may involve multiple steps to find area of multiple polygons. With AMO command you can measure the Total area of multiple polygons at a time. In addition, Text indicating Area of the polygon will be created at the centre of each polygon.

1. Type ‘AMO’ at the command prompt.
2. Select Entities: Select closed polylines to find area. Area Amo Lisp
                                                              Area of Multiple Objects (AMO)


Menu: ESurvey Lisps >> Entity Area (AE)

Description: Short cut to 'Area' 'Entity' option. Area Amo Lisp

Menu: Triangles Area (RTR)

Functionality: To read area of selected triangles along with details of calculation.

Description: CAD package will give Area of an entity with single command. But how does it calculate the area? If you are interested to represent detailed area calculation of the polygon, use RTR command which will give detailed table of calculation for all the triangles selected by finding out the base and height of the triangle and using ½ * base * height formula. Note that you have to split the polygon into multiple triangles before using this command. This command gives each triangle a unique number, then marks the length of each side of the triangle on the drawing with the area displayed at the centre of the triangle. Then it prompts the user to specify a location for placing the area of each triangle.

1. Type ‘RTR’ at the command prompt.
2. Select entities: Select the triangles whose area is to be found out.
3. Pick a point to place the table: Pick a point on the drawing to place the table containing the characteristics and Area of each triangle selected.
Area Amo Lisp
                                                                  Triangles Area (RTR)


Menu: Parcel Area (INA)

Functionality: To insert Area text at pick point.

Description: Let it be Layout drawing or any topographical map, CAD Package allows you to find the area and in many cases, you have to represent the area in the drawing. Using INA command multiple steps involved in finding the Area of polygon (Bpoly, Area and Text) are considerably reduced to save your editing time.

1. Type ‘INA’ at the command prompt.
2. Pick a Point: Select a point within a closed figure to place the area text.
Area Amo Lisp
                                                                  Parcel Area (INA)


Menu: Populate Parcel (LOA)

Functionality: Pick a point to find lot area.

Description: Preparing layout drawing involves spending lot of time in naming the parcel, finding each parcel area and dimensioning each side of the polygon. All these steps can be easily achieved with LOA command which can sequentially number the parcels along with marking area for each plot and dimensioning the polygon segments.

1.Type 'LOA' at the command prompt.
2.Enter the First number:Enter the starting lot number as integer.
3.Pick a point to insert text: Select a point within a parcel to display the parcel area, as well as the length of each side of a parcel.
Area Amo Lisp
                                                              Populate Parcel (LOA)